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House Holding Its 6th Year 1st Regular Session

Ethiopia: House Holding Its 6th Year 1st Regular Session

Addis Ababa, October 8, 2020 – The house of Peoples Representatives is holding its 6th year 1st regular session at Conference hall of Prime Minister Office.

The house is expected to scrutinize and approve the minutes of its 5th year 4th emergency session.

The house will also conduct a hearing on the motion to be presented regarding an opening speech of President Sahle-Work on the joint opening session of the two houses.

Parliament is also expected to examine and refer the draft commercial code of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the concerned standing committee.

Draft proclamation referred to amend the excise tax proclamation will be passed on to the concerned standing committee.

House will also approve draft proclamation of peaceful nuclear energy development agreement signed between Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian and of Russian Federation.

House is also expected to refer the Criminal Procedure Code to the legal, justice and democracy affairs standing committee.






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