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Ethiopia held extraordinary Meeting to Protect its intellectual property

Addis Ababa (HAN) February 5th, 2019. Public Diplomacy and International Telecommunication and Tech Institution initiatives in Africa. The Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Africa, Ms. Vera Songwe calls on Africa leaders for the protection of Africa’s intellectual property rights.

Accordingly, the Council of Ministers of Ethiopia held extraordinary meeting to approve the draft law for the establishment of telecom regulatory authority. The establishment of the authority came following Ethiopian government’s decision to liberalize the telecom sector of the country, according to the statement of the Office of the Prime Minister. The new telecommunication regulator authority Ethiopia is set to establish will be in charge of regulating completion among the different telecom operators.

“The bill drafted by the Ministry of finance and approved by the Council of minister today is sent to the Parliament for approval,” the statement said, which also mentioned the significance of the regulatory authority in restructuring the telecom market of the country.

Currently, Ethiopia has only state monopoly telecom operator, which has been in the market for over 130 years under different names. 

Establishment of new regulatory authority is expected to speed the liberalization and licensing of new entrants into the lucrative telecom market of the east African country, with the population of over 100 million people. 

To facilitate partial privatization of mega states enterprise such as Ethiopian Airlines, Ethio Telecom, Ethiopian shipping lines and Ethiopian electric power, the government has recently established 21 memebers advisory council.

Members of the Advisory Council involves individuals from different walks of life and experiences from politicians to business figures and media practitioners.

Members of the Council include, Dr. Yinager Dessie, the new governor of the central bank of the country – National Bank of Ethiopia and Eyesuswork Zafu Zafu, renowned businessman involved in insurance and banking business. 

It also involves politicians from from opposition like, Lencho Batti of Oromo Liberation front, Prof. Beyene Petros and Mr. Lidetu Ayallew. 

The team also involves Zelalem Melese, Dr. Alemayehu Seyoum, Maaza Biru, Bekelle Gulleta, Abebe Aemirosellasie, Bekele Gerba, Sara Aberra, Dr. Aynalem Megersa, Prof. Tasew Woldehana, Dr. Tsegaye Berehe, Dr. Tegegnework Gettu, Kassi Kebede, Girma Seifu, Dr. Abrham Tekeste, Teklewold Atinafu and Ambassador Girma Birru.

Sources: The Office of Ethiopian Prime Minister and HAN.




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