Ethiopia Hailed New Zealand’s Anti-colonial Policy

Addis Ababa (HAN) January 26, 2015- Public diplomacy and National Security issues. Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros confered with his New Zealand counterpart Mr. Muray Mac Cully and discussed about the upcoming 24th African Union Summit and bilateral matters including trade and investment. Dr. Tedros hailed New Zealand’s uninterrupted engagement with AU and Ethiopia and appreciated its offer to be at the supporting end on African issues. Dr Tedros underlined the importance of sustaining the support the Government of New Zealand to Ethiopia particularly in the fields of agriculture, Education, renewable energy.

Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros  also highlighted the need to put in to action the agreement signed on promoting partnership in Food Security as part of the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI’s) activities to combat malnutrition in Ethiopia and to provide scholarship to Ethiopian students studying Agriculture.

Noting that Ethiopia has a great potential in Agriculture and agro processing, Dr. Tedros said that New Zealand’s vast experience in the area can help a lot in the development of the sector. He added that Government will provide the necessary support to investors interested in agriculture and agro processing .He hailed that New Zealand’s leading multinational dairy company Fonterra’s operating in Ethiopia. Mr. Mc Cully also expressed his Government’s readiness to encourage other investors to come and invest in Ethiopia and as well continue supporting Ethiopia’s effort in the renewable energy sector especially in geothermal energy generation.

During the discussion, Dr. Tedros remembered, New Zealand’ s anti-colonial policy citing that it was one of the five countries who opposed Italian Fascist invasion and occupation of Ethiopia in the League of Nations in 1937.New Zealand and Ethiopia have enjoyed a long friendly and mutually relation. New Zealand opened it embassy in Addis Ababa in June 2013.

Meanwhile: Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros also held discussions with Foreign Minister of Norway. Foreign Minister Dr Tedros Adhanom received on Sunday (January 25) a Norwegian delegation led by Foreign Minister, Borge Brende. The bilateral discussions of the two Foreign Ministers dwelt on numerous issues of common interest. Both Ministers exchanged views on the promotion of Ethio-Norway partnership and expanding the depth, breadth and scale of the relations of the two friendly countries. Dr Tedros gave a briefing on Ethiopia’s renaissance journey.

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