Ethiopia: Support for GERD Moves Forward

Ethiopia: GERD – Manifestation for Popular Achievements

ADDIS ABABA (HAN) March 15. 2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. The synergy and the conviction of the people and government of Ethiopia towards the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is unprecedented. Despite many piled up national issues and development undertakings no break for the symbolic GERD construction.

For many reasons of all the ongoing huge projects under way in the county the GERD has singular features. Soliciting finance for the project is under way here and abroad. The construction of GERD has been contributed significantly in mobilizing domestic resource through saving.

Recently, Office of National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation on the Construction of the GERD along with universities has held a consultative workshop on the role of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam for the Ethiopian Renaissance and Developing Saving Culture in the country.

In a country where the culture of saving is almost insignificant, the GERD has come out as a driving cause to nurture the poor saving culture. Certainly, the GERD has greatly contributed to mount the domestic resource through saving. According to Jimma University Business and Economics College Dean Dr. Wondaferahu Mulugeta, nearly 7.6 billion birr has been raised through domestic resource mobilization and direct bond sale and donation so far.

The share of saving rate to the GDP at the beginning of Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP-I) was limited to 9.5 per cent in the country. Thanks to the various mechanisms launched to solicit domestic resource mobilization the amount has increased to 15 per cent. To this end, the saving made through buying bonds for the GERD has contributed markedly not only in increasing the deposit but also in fostering the saving culture.

Since the official launch of the GERD project five years ago the participation of the public has been popular. It is a landmark project for Ethiopia of course, for the whole of Africa for being the biggest and financed by its own people. Uniquely, GERD is the all time reference for the enthusiastic participation of the entire public. It is indeed a powerful national project that brings the hearts and the minds of all Ethiopians. The construction of the GERD is iconic as the Victory of Adwa where the sons and daughters of Ethiopia have been actively engaged and leave their fingerprints in this magnificent project.

In addition to satisfying the ever increasing energy demand the GERD is anticipated to generate considerable earnings from the export of power to the neighbouring countries. The significance of the construction of the GERD is beyond the national agenda since it boldly signifies an advocate for Africans for their fair and equitable utilization of natural resource among the deserved ones.

Unparalleled to African countries for the realization of economic integration of the continent Ethiopia has been taking many practical measures. The construction of trans-boundary infrastructure projects like railway, road and power connections to connect with neighbouring countries are the visible interventions. Standing out among major projects in the Ethiopian multi-billion dollar climate-resilient green energy development sector, the GERD is coming up to make the nation main exporter of power in Africa. This will make the GERD a powerhouse and a reference for the regional development.

The GERD has manifested itself as an iconic development project for many achievements gained and many more to come. As one of the biggest ten dams in the world the project would help Ethiopia, is playing a leading role as an emerging state, to chase out poverty. The project would be a potential one to speeding up the ongoing development. More importantly, the project is depicting the nations of Ethiopia are in development heroism. It has become a symbol for the renaissance of the nation.

The much anticipated GERD has been and will consolidate the togetherness of the people of Ethiopia. Indeed, Ethiopia’s efforts to become a middle income country by the mid of next decade is closely linked with the ongoing mega development projects. As GERD is a result of meticulous leadership and popular participation of the public and Ethiopian diaspora is an engine for the advancement of all sectors. It also signals that Ethiopia is writing its own history that assures its renaissance and leading position in Africa.

The prime target for the construction of the GERD is to march on poverty. In a broader sense, the GERD is a manifestation for popular achievements at national and continental levels.

In brief, the construction of GERD epitomized many noble messages for the changing Ethiopia and for the whole of Africa. Therefore, the public, Ethiopian diaspora, partners and friends of Ethiopia should further continue their support and contribution for the completion of the construction of the GERD, a manifestation of many popular achievements.



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