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Ethiopia: GERD & Koysha Dam Will Generate 10,000MW

Addis Ababa, December 4, 2020 – Minister of Water Irrigation and Energy Ministry, Dr. Seleshi Bekele stated that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and Koysha Hydroelectric Dam have combined capacity to generate 10,000MW electric power up on their completion.

While addressing the ministerial panel of UK- Africa Renewable Energy Ministerial Symposium, Dr. Seleshi Bekele yesterday talked about the total combined capacity of renewable energy projects that will be completed in the coming 5 years.

The minister explained that Ethiopia will increase its power generation capacity to 20,000MW in the coming 10 years.

He said that 60pct of the Ethiopia’s population currently had no access to energy; this has created major bottle necks for sustainable development and growth within the country.

The National Electrification Program of Ethiopia plans to incorporate both grid and off grid solutions to provide equitable access to all citizens by 2025, Dr. Getahun elaborated.

Dr. Getahun further mentioned that it was of paramount importance to have partners like the UK to bridge the financing and technology gaps experienced within the sector.

The reforms underway in the energy sector aim at providing a conducive environment for private sector involvement in the energy sector especially in Power Generation among other reforms, Dr. Getahun added.

In addition to Ethiopia, Morocco, Mauritania, Egypt, Mozambique and Uganda took part in the ministerial panel of the UK-Africa renewable Energy Ministerial Symposium.







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