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Ethiopia: FM Demeke Mekonnen Confers With UN Special Envoy For Africa

Addis Ababa, December 2, 2020 – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Demeke Mekonnen received at his office on Monday Parfait Onanga, special envoy of the United Nations for the Horn of Africa.

Talking with the special envoy, Demeke Mekonnen explained that the operation that the federal government is undertaking in the Tigray region aimed at restoring constitutionality and rule of law.

The government is taking all the necessary caution for the protection of civilians and the avoidance of collateral damage during the operation, Demeke added.

The government has succeeded in wresting control of most of the areas in Tigray, he said adding that the government has started to set up interim administrations in the liberated areas.

Since most of the areas are under government control, the government is ready to facilitate the works of humanitarian actors in the region, he said.

He said the government is providing humanitarian assistance to people who need urgent support based on the needs assessment studies conducted by government agencies.

He also explained the government’s readiness to support all Ethiopians who fled the operation to return back to their communities.

The special envoy thanked Demeke for the briefing and underlined the need to continue to ensure the protection of civilians, human rights, and access to humanitarian assistance to the affected areas.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Redwan Hussien received yesterday copies of the credentials of Kang Seokhee, the new ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Ethiopia.

The two discussed the situation in Tigray, access to humanitarian assistance, transportation and communication facilities in the region.






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