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Ethiopia: Fake Silver Cattle Arrested by Police in Amhara Region

Amhara (HAN) December 21, 2020. Regional Cattle market and Exchange market.
Buyers who bought cattle with fake Ethiopian currency (Bir) are arrested by police in Amhara region. Oromo people zone in Jile Tumuga district, Senbete market, 200 Birr 37,800 (thirty seven thousand eight hundred thousand) false notes.
The police have given a suggestion to the police who were suspected of buying 29,400 birr and going to the place with false note of Two people who were suspected of taking the investigation to the police station. The head of the house chief inspector Mohammed Ali has explained.
Inspector Mohammed Ali has sent a message to police immediately when the society is aware of fraudsters and confirming that it is the real money in the market.
The report is the main part of Oromo people zone police media told Geeska Afrika Online by phone..

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