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Ethiopia: Ezra Meko Opinion “Hire Good English Reporters ETV”

Harar (HAN), December 6th, 2020. Disinformation on Social Media about the Ethiopian TV English Newsreel.  Opinion & viewpoints note to the Office of the prime minister About the Ethiopian TV english program Listeners, by Ezra Meko: 

Please, please, please, hire competent reporters/journalists that ARE GOOD IN ENGLISH. It is shocking to listen to the female and male reporters pronouncing words in a totally wrong/poor way. The presenter in the studio did well, I must say, but please understanding the language or getting a degree in a certain area wouldn’t and shouldn’t necessarily qualify someone to be an English language reporter. It is a sign of how regressive our education system has become. Previously, Ethiopia used to have competent journalists whose use and command of the English language was at a high level. We could take Ato Liulseged Kumsa and others as an example. As a main mainstream media, EBC has to take the right measures to improve the delivery of the service by bringing in people that are COMPETENT and properly trained for the role. Sorry if I have been harsh but it is embarrassing for such an organization to be at such a disappointingly low level of service delivery especially when compared to fellow African countries. Thank you.

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