Ethiopia: Exploring New Oromo Political Alternatives

London (HAN) August 25, 2014. Expert Analysis, Your Power & Regional Influence Magazine, opinion page by Siegfried Pausewang. Geeska Afrika Online editorial re-published the report, The Oromo of Ethiopia aims to stimulate a thorough debate in a particular political issues in Ethiopia. The academic paper today states that the Oromo people are in a crucial and unique situation. Indeed, their plans and actions during the coming years may be key to determining conditions of life in Ethiopia.

The paper indicates that the Oromo might contribute substantially to peace, protection of human rights and freedom in a region where conflict, insecurity and lawlessness have too long characterised the political game. However, the paper notes that the Oromo need to clarify their political positions and to develop a credible political alternative vision.

The paper concludes that if the Oromo want to convince others, both in Ethiopia and the international community, they need to offer a prospect of a genuinely bottom-up democratic alternative for Ethiopia and for the region.

Yet, three major important imperatives confront Oromo’s efforts to bring the political resolution for their situation rather than other choices:

  • To re-unite the Oromo groups, so that they can speak with one voice
  • to create an internal dialogue, so that they can build their political positions on a strong internal democratic legitimacy
  • to be prepared for negotiations both with the international community and with the Ethiopian government and other political groups in Ethiopia.


The paper suggests thorough and detailed planning for alternative social structures on local level. This would allow elected administrators and independent civil servants and public functionaries to represent the interests of peasants and local people in the higher political institutions, rather than blindly executing orders from above.

Report from Oromo workshop and its after-effects: by Siegfried Pausewang
Report from Oromo workshop and its after-effects: by Siegfried Pausewang

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