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Ethiopia: EPRDF government is taking against corrupted officials

Addis Ababa (HAN) August 4th, 2017 – Public Diplomacy & Regional Security and defense Cooperation. Opinion article wrote by. Benyam Kebede.

Ato Benyam Kebede Ethiopia First editor after he has been away for a while released his famous Ben’s Point of View videos today. His commentary on the Ethiopian anti corruption movement is precise, short to the point. We think most Ethiopians feel the way Benyam expressed his views on his video commentary.

We wanted our visitors to listen to his beautifully summarized comment and share their views about the actions the Ethiopian government is taking against corrupted government officials and business people. Some people are saying it should go higher and deeper to make any impact on the fight against corruption.

We think it is a great start, but there is much more to be done in this regard. Corruption is a disease where the cure is not easily found, however if the government and the people work together it can be combated effectively and reduced significantly.

Sources: Over 30 Senior Government Officials & Businesspersons Arrested On Suspicion of Corruption. Ethiopian EmbassyUK




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