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Ethiopia: Egyptian strategic Business Forum with Joint Ministerial Commission

Addis Ababa (HAN) November 3, 2014 – Public diplomacy and Regional Security and safety news. The 5Th Ethio-Egypt Joint Ministerial Commission activities undertaken so far by the Senior Officials meeting of the 5th Joint Ministerial Commission which opened in Addis Ababa

The Ethiopian-Egypt Business Forum was held in Addis Ababa on the sideline of the Fifth Joint Ministerial Commission Meeting.

The 5Th Ethio-Egypt Joint Ministerial Commission activities with the Senior Officials meeting of the 5th Joint Ministerial Commission which opened in Addis Ababa

The Forum aimed at pushing the commercial ties of the two countries forward, exploring areas of business cooperation, tapping the potential economic benefits, cementing the people-to-people and business-to-business ties as well as maintaining the steady development momentum of the bilateral ties through economic partnership. Opening the forum, Kebede Chane, Ethiopia’s Minister of Trade remarked that centuries-old historical, political, commercial and religious ties that defined the two countries’ long-standing bilateral relations. He went on to note that Ethiopia was deeply committed to jointly make business cooperation as a driving force for the mutual advancement of the two countries and peoples overall relations. He added, the high-level Ethio-Egypt Business Forum was a manifestation of this commitment to make economic partnership at the centre of the cooperation of the two countries.

Pointing out Ethiopia’s firm commitment to the continuation of its investment and business ties with Egypt, he said that Egypt was one of the most important trading partners in Africa. He also explained the government’s development policies, strategies, and plans; areas of cooperation; Ethiopia’s success stories in all fronts and the status of the trade and investment relations of the two countries. Mounir Fakhay Abdeol Nour, Egypt’s Minister of Industry, Trade and SME’s, on his part said the forum sent out a clear signal that both countries and peoples were determination to revive the manifold centuries-old political, commercial, religious and historical relations of the two friendly countries. He also underlined that the meeting demonstrated the strong resolve and will and the need to strengthen the interaction aiming at deepening and elevating the existing ties to a new stage. He also underscored that Egyptian investors are keen to participate at Ethiopia’s well-managed economy and promised that the government of Egypt is ready to improve the trading environment and the bilateral relations. He also emphasized that the visit of large number of Egyptian business persons was an attestation of opening a new page of economic partnership. Solomon Afework, President of Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Association and Chairperson of the Ethiopian Side of the Business Council, gave a key note address recounting the historic engagement of the two countries.

He also noted that the bilateral relations of the two countries featured a steady development, adding that the telling example of these growing ties was economic partnership. He also said that Ethiopia had made strides in making phenomenal economic success which is a result of right economic policies as well as favorable investment environment. He also urged the business communities of the two countries to be a dynamo for transformative and continued growth of the bilateral relations.

Ayman Essa, Chairperson of the Egyptian Side of the Business Council, said that both countries entered a new era of engagement based upon trust, transparence and mutual benefit. He stressed that the business communities of the two countries should benefit from this positive engagement and expedite the relations for better development. He also suggested the need to build business interests based on mutual benefit. He also stressed the need to aim for long-term business relations and work together for greater development of the two countries.

The meeting was attended by Egypt’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sami Shoukri, Ethiopia’s Minister of State for Industry, Taddesse Haile, and Director-General of Ethiopia’s Investment Agency, Fitsum Arega. The meeting was organized by Ethiopian Egyptian Busines Council. About 40 Egyptian business persons working in the areas of agriculture, agro-processing, education, tourism, manufacturing, business and trade attended the meeting. On the Ethiopian side, around 65 business persons working in similar areas of business and trade participated and exchanged views with their Egyptian counterparts on how to scale up the business interaction of the two countries. The conference also saw presentations and business to business meetings.


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