Ministries Sign Agreement To Digitize Job Market

Ethiopia: Digitize The Job Market System

Addis Ababa, October 7, 2020 – Ministry of Innovation and Technology and Labor and Social Affairs Ministries have signed an agreement to digitize the job market system in the country.

The Innovation and Technology Minister, Dr. Abhrham Belay and The Labor and Social Affairs Minister, Dr. Ergoge Tesfaye have inked the agreement on behalf of their respective public institutions.

Modernization of the job market system is vital to realize an effective information exchange mechanism between employers and job seekers, said the Labor and Social Affairs Minister, Dr. Ergogie on the occasion.

Digitizing the job market information exchange will play irreplaceable role in addressing challenges of joblessness thereby lessen poverty burdens in remarkable manner, she added.

It needs an improved job market system to ensure up to date information exchange structure that will create an effective information exchange network between employees and employers, Dr. Ergoge underlines.

Dr. Abrham Belay, the Innovation and Technology Minister, to his part said, the revamping endeavors are part of the national digitalization scheme being undertaken by the government of modernize service delivery in the country.

The digital job market system has a pivotal role to collect and organize job related information with active participation of stakeholders from both public and private sectors.






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