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Ethiopia: Diaspora Policy Formulation, Training and Mobilization

Addis Ababa (HAN) August 1, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Regional weekly Security Initiatives update. Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has conducted workshop on Diaspora law and policy on July 31, 2015 in collaboration with Indian Embassy in Addis Ababa.

On the occasion, Genet Teshome, Director General for Asia and Oceania Affairs Directorate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that mobilizing Diaspora in a very comprehensive manner is very important to support development and democratization endeavors in country. He underlined that Diaspora could transfer knowledge, technology, skill, know-how to support development of Ethiopia. He also highlighted the Diaspora’s role in investment, tourism, trade.

In addition the Diaspora could also serve as bridge between their country of residence and their country of origin thereby enhancing cooperation. He noted the importance of mobilizing and harnessing Ethiopian Diaspora’s knowledge and resources to realize Ethiopia’s renaissance.

‪Ethiopia‬’s Ambassador to India, Genet Zewde forwarded her gratitude to the people and government of India for unreserved support for Ethiopian Diaspora policy formulation, training and sharing experience in Diaspora mobilization. She also stressed that Diaspora could play pivotal role in the areas of image building and people to people relation between nations.

Indian ambassador to Ethiopia Mr. Sanjay Verma shared to the participants of the workshop India’s experience in the Diaspora engagement. He pointed-out that it has taken long time to mobilize Indian Diaspora all over the world. He forwarded that now days Indian Diaspora across the globe are one of foremost financial sources for Indian domestic development activities. He added that ‪India‬ will continue providing all necessary supports, sharing best experiences and expertise to Ethiopia in the areas of Diaspora mobilization.
On the workshop it was mentioned that formulating conducive policy and legal framework is extremely important to create strong bond between the Diaspora and their country of origin and to protect interests and rights of Diaspora in abroad.


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