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Ethiopia: Defence Force Announces Arrest Of Nine More TPLF Members

Addis Ababa, January 7, 2021-Birg. Gen Tesfaye added that measures were taken against Seko Ture Getachew, Zeray Asgedom, Abebe Gebremedhin and Daniel Assefa.

-The National Defence Force has announced the arrest of nine more members of the TPLF group.

Head of Defence Force Deployment Department, Birg.Gen. Tesfaye Aylew said four members of the group were also destroyed following the joint operation conducted by the defence army and federal security organs as well as people and interim administration of Tigray.

According to him, the following nine memebers of TPLF were arrested:

1, Teklewoini Assefa -Former CEO of Relief Society of Tigray (REST)

2, Dr Solomon Kidane -Former Head of Tigray Urban Development Bureau

3, Gebremedhin Tewolde -Former Head of Tigray Trade Bureau

4, Woldegiorgis Desta – Former Head of Tigray Transport Bureau

5, Ambassador Abadi Zemo -Former Ethiopian Ambassador to Sudan who joined the TPLF’s poltical section

6, Kidusan Nega – Former Speaker of Tigray Regional State Council

7, Tedros Hagos -Former President of Meles Leadership Academy and Head of EFFORT Board

8, Mihret Teklay- Legal Advisor of Tigray Regional State Council, and

9, Berhane Adem Mohammed – Property and Procurement Business Process Owner

Birg. Gen Tesfaye added that the following TPLF members were destroyed in the operation:

1, Sekoture Getachew- Spokesperson of TPLF group

2, Zeray Asgedom -Former ETV Manager and Director-General of Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority (EBA)

3, Abebe Gebremedhin – Head of Dimtse Weyane

4, Daniel Assefa- Former Head of Tigray Finance Bureau







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