Ethiopia: Support for GERD Moves Forward

Ethiopia Daily: Ethiopians in UAE bought bonds worth of $550,000 for GERD

Ethiopians in UAE bought bonds worth of USD550, 000 for GERD

Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin residing in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE), have purchased bonds worth $550 thousand to finance the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). Ethiopian Ambassador to the UAE, Abdulkadir Rizku, commended the continued financial support that Ethiopian nationals extended for the construction of GERD and other development projects back home. The Ambassador called for increased support to expedite development endeavors at home.

Dr. Tedros meets representatives of major Swedish companies

Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros made key talks with representatives of major Swedish companies during the second day of his official visit to Sweden on Wednesday (April 20). The discussions focused on how Swedish companies can create sustainable business and make a difference through trade and investment.  The companies noted that they would do business with and in Ethiopia because of the integrity of the government and the clear strategic plans it designed. Madeline Rosberg, CEO of Responsify Africa said the company created the brand, ESHI, to Promote Ethiopian Leather Products in Sweden. Another major company called Bombardier Sweden disclosed its plan to train engineering students to signal cooperation with Addis Ababa University. Mathias Johansson, Country Manager of Erickson in Ethiopia also revealed the company’s plan to expand its services in the country including an end to end ICT provider. Ericsson is also working to enhance local capabilities on Project Management and Network Rollout in Ethiopia. At his visit to the Head Quarters of Erickson, Dr. Tedros signed on a Book Wall at Ericsson’s studio. Scania, Astra Zeneca, ABB and Midroc and other huge companies also attended the business talks.

South Sudan: “will collaborate with Ethiopia against the perpetrators”

South Sudan’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Akuei Bona said on Wednesday (April 21) that his country would collaborate with Ethiopia in taking measures against the perpetrators of the killings and abductions carried out against civilians in Gambella Regional State. The Ambassadorsaid that South Sudan condemned the act as it is “totally unacceptable and inhuman” and said his country supports the effort of Ethiopia to get the abducted children released. According to the ambassador, these forces have been perpetrating similar killings on other tribes in South Sudan and looting properties. On behalf of the people and Government of South Sudan, Ambassador Akuei Bona had expressed his condolences to families of the victims of the attack and to all Ethiopians. He further noted that the two countries should collaborate closely and exchange information to fight gunmen to stop similar barbaric attacks.

Dr. Tedros holds talks with Foreign Minister of Sweden, Ms Margot Wallstrom

During his second day visit to Sweden Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros held talks with Foreign Minister of Sweden, Margot Wallstrom. The two foreign ministers recalled the long standing relation Ethiopia and Sweden have enjoyed for over five decades in areas of education, health, trade and other development issues.  Dr. Tedros expressed his impression up on witnessing the commitment from the Swedish side to take the partnership with Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular to a higher level. As part of the two countries’ commitment to invigorate bilateral relations the two sides signed MoU which aimed at establishing Bilateral Political Consultations.




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