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Commissioner Abere Adamu.

Ethiopia: Cutting TPLF’s hand the next assignment, Commissioner Abere Adamu.

Ethiopia: “Cutting TPLF’s hand the next assignment,” Abere Adamu, Amhara Regional State Police Commission Commissioner. Commissioner Abere gave a rare interview in English to @AMMAONLINE2 in which he labeled TPLF as “a terrorist group”

He also said the role of Amhara Special Force, Amhara Militia, Amhara region government, & Amhara people were “indispensable in this operation. We stood for Ethiopian unity, we stood for our dignity & we stood for Ethiopia’s protection.”

You can’t find a constitution now, a constitution that allows people or that allows citizens to go, to make self-determination up to secession in this 21st century where other parts of the world are coming together,” Commissioner Abere said, & accused TPLF of enabling that in Ethiopia.







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