Ethiopia: Beritu sets a model to Oromia Diaspora youth

Addis Ababa (HAN) February 24, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Ethiopian Diaspora Investment news. The young Oromia girl, Beritu Jaleta Ahmed , 14, student of Baden Powell College in ‪#‎Australia‬ won 20 million Australian dollar prize for her outstanding performance in an international competition of 8th grade students. Beritu decided to spend her prize on building a school in her home country, ‪‎Ethiopia‬ , Gara Muleta Woreda , in Oromia National Regional State .

Beritu met Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus yesterday at his offices. Dr Tedros Adhanom thanked Beritu for demonstrating exemplary dedication in supporting her home country at her young age.

DR. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said, Beritu sets a model to Ethiopian Diaspora youth who aspire to take part in Ethiopia’s battle against poverty

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8 Responses to “Ethiopia: Beritu sets a model to Oromia Diaspora youth”

  1. kumsa Tolosa

    Beritu, congradulations on your award! Don’t let government agents eat up your donations on musena in Oromia region. Dr. Teddy, good job on bringing in forex. I know TPLF led Ethiopian gov’t needs it badly. How come this websites only reports good news abt EPRDF? Lematawi Nachuh?

  2. berhan

    What a heck. This is a huge money never heard of in Australia history as a prize. Stop such fabrication. The pristegious Melbourne cup horse racing prize is 6 mill leave alone this unknown student comptetion.I bet the Australian gov doesn’t allow a million buck to be sent out, leave alone 20 mill.

  3. anaam

    When is Wayne stop lying? This does not bring true young oromo to your lier propaganda. AUSTRALIAN OROMO ARE NOT DUM

  4. Humnawaaq

    there are three kinds of lies
    They are.from worse to worst, lies white lies and tplf lies
    A to twodros yours are tplf lies.

  5. unbelievable

    In today’s age, such information should be available somewhere and should be found easily. Yet no such thing is available anywhere else except few that seem to point to the same source.

    Even Nobel prize winners don’t receive such large sum of prize. Very crazy!!!!!

  6. Shame on u those hate the success of Beritu. Leave alone ur narrow attitude of neftegn.

  7. Beritu jaleta Ahmed is an examplery young girle that didecated her big prize for her nation. She will realise her vision by providing precies gift (Education) for Oromia or Oromoo communty. Allah bless Berituuu

  8. Abdi Ahmed Mohammed(Mixoo)

    What a wanderful job and dedication this young girl set for Oromo Diaspora. here fathers home Gara mulata is one of the neglected areas of the region. her Fathers villege Chulule is the most neglected . Gara mulata is a home land of Aniya pastoralist (Sadacha and Kodhole Clans), and Alaa clan of Oromo. The Aniya pastoralists mainly the Sadacha pastoralist are the most marginalized. Their marginalization is manifested in education among the other. Girls participation in education is very poor. Hence I would like to advice this yang girl and her family to establish a boarding school for Aniya pastoralist school Girls at Chulul, Danaba and Burka tirtira.. Addee Barite Buli Hori Gudadhu Daraari Dagaagi Wishing you success in all your endeavor
    Abdi Mixoo.

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