Ethiopia Become Effective in Eradicating extreme poverty

Addis Aabab (HAN) June 18, 2014 – European Union Ambassador to Addis Ababa, Chantal Hebert told reporters that Ethiopia has become effective in eradicating extreme poverty, reducing child and maternal mortality; and making primary education accessible to children, controlling malaria, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and in sustainable environmental protection .


According to Ambassador Chantal Herbert, Ethiopia is on the right track to meet most of the Millennium Development Goals before 2015 .She also indicated that Ethiopia has become successful in job creation and in encouraging entrepreneurial ventures and improving lives of its people.


Allocation of 70 percents of the nation’s budget to poverty reducing sectors such as education, health and infrastructure has helped to the achievement of the success; she added .She also reminded that if the economic growth of the country continues with the current pace, Ethiopia will be able to achieve a middle income nation status by 2025. According to the ambassador EU had provided 680 million Euros worth development support to Ethiopia from 2008 to 2013. It has also approved a development support of 745 million Euros from 2014 to 2017. Accordingly, EU provides Ethiopia a development support of 200 million Euros annually.

Second photo: Foreign Minister, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, is leading the Ethiopian delegation to the 17th Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement in Algiers


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2 Responses to “Ethiopia Become Effective in Eradicating extreme poverty”

  1. Mulugeta Derebew

    We should keep in having 1. excellent plans like GTP; 2. energetic visionary, purpose full and diligence leaders who can also fight against corruption; 3. good governance – which is very critical in motivating each and every citizen. This will also help us to protect our fruits of deadly efforts from those who are just against of the good will of our people and country.
    Transparent government services to all and each citizen will move us forward much more than we achieved before and we all the citizen shall keep working hard, challenge our government with important and well organized questions and as well as support the government all its development efforts. These will help our generation to make his own history.

    God will help us and I will keep doing my best.

  2. davo

    This growth and development news build on lies. this foriners talk about what this lier government told them. people like me on the ground know that the truth. the truth of hunger, disease and most importantly discremination done by this goverenment. I just wana give simple advise to the ambassador, just go 150 km to north from addis you will see what discrmination, poverty and so on. just dont follow the lie report given by this government. we all want growth and development but dont tell us we are develop and grown while we staring, killing and discriminated by this government based on our ethinic background.

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