Ethiopia, Austria to Strengthen Trade and Investment Relations

International Affairs Director General with Austrian Foreign Affairs Ministry alexsaid that Austria wants to strengthen bilateral relations with Ethiopia especially in the area of trade, investment and security.

The Director General so stated during talks with Ethiopia Foreign Affairs State Minister Ambassador Berhane Gebre-Kristos here yesterday.

Alexander Marschik said that he has discussed with the State Minister on ways of strengthening multilateral relations in the socioeconomic and development spheres between the two countries. “We have also discussed security issues in the region as Ethiopia has been playing a very important role in which Austria and EU member states are involved,” Marschik added.

He also said that the discussion has identified various areas to work together and is a very good start. The Director General as well called for the reopening of Ethiopian Embassy in Vienna.

 Ambassador Berhane on his part said that they had excellent discussion on bilateral relations and including political issues and appreciated the Austrian government support to Ethiopia’s development efforts.

The State Minister noted that they have agreed to strengthen the two countries relations mainly in trade and investment. Thus, he said that the two countries would work more to strengthen the bilateral relations. Ethiopia and Austria relations date back to 50 years.



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