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Eritrea’s permanent representative to UN participates at World Humanitarian Summit

Asmara (HAN) May 25.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. The Special Envoy of the President and Permanent Representative of Eritrea to the UN, Ambassador Girma Asmerom participated at the World Humanitarian Summit conducted from 23 to 24 May in Istanbul, Turkey.



In a speech he delivered, the Ambassador said that the current global humanitarian crisis cannot be properly understood and effectively addressed in isolation from the violent conflicts, recurring and unjustified armed interventions, widening global socio-economic inequality, and the failure of nation building on the basis of the dignity, equality and fundamental rights of citizens.

He further underlined that Eritrea’s foreign policy is anchored on securing peace, stability, development and cooperation in the wider Horn of Africa and the Red Sea regions. He also underscored that Eritrea is a land of harmony and is working diligently to transform the volatile neighborhood into economically integrated and peaceful region.

Ambassador Girma called for the end of the open aggression and continued occupation of its sovereign territory by Ethiopia in violation of the UN Charter and EEBC’s final and binding delimitation and demarcation decision as well as the unjust sanction imposed on its people.

In his concluding remark, the Ambassador affirmed Eritrea’s commitment to the humanitarian and development actions in an integrated manner.




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One response to “Eritrea’s permanent representative to UN participates at World Humanitarian Summit”

  1. Alem

    your argument of defending the decaying trend of our economy, the surge of migration and the disintegration of our country is Ludicrous and absurd. So far you and the rest of your regime blamed everything and everyone under the sun, but what you failed to see is, NON of you the members of the temporary unelected regime, do have the knowledge or the talent to govern a country and improve the quality of life of its citizens. In short what I am trying to say is YOU DONT HAVE IT, you guys are a failure. You were looking good at the beginning of our liberation because the G-15 and the rest of our hero’s (unfortunately decaying in your dungeons) had the talent and knowledge and they were making you look good and by the way it is because of them that we got our liberation NOT because of the cold blooded murderer ISAYAS AFEWORKI or non of you members of the regime .

    You said because our land is occupied by a foreign enemy, that we don’t have any other choice but to implement national service (slavery) and defend our selves. Yes there is some truth to it and we have a land occupied by Ethiopia but the solution is not holding our entire country hostage at a gun point, and convert Eritrea into a military state, killing our constitution, shutting our free media, shutting our higher education and detaining those who brought the liberation.
    This was a war instigated by the ruthless criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKI to tighten his grip on power and to kill our constitution and to have a free hand to detain those who oppose him, to shut down our independent media and that is exactly what he did.

    Lets see another scenario and lets assume the Ethiopians invaded and occupied our land, since they are our enemies and they don’t want us to grow and progress, it is a given they hold us hostage with the so called NO WAR NO PEACE nonsense. And funny enough the delusional criminal regime in Asmara falls into their trap, by freezing everything, shutting down schools, turning our country into a military state and ghost town, making the life’s of our youngsters (who can defend our country)so miserable so they run away in troves.

    My message and the messages of millions of us Eritreans is simple, Your unelected regime brought a tremendous havoc into our Eritrea, into the region, and spilling over to Europe, you converted our Eritrea into a failed state, your policies are worthless and a failure, you guys let alone a country you cant run a family so GIVE IT UP. Since you hate the west very much pray that your idols in NORTH KOREA, Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela (another retard), Libya(sorry they blew his head of) give you asylum. I know there is a prime land in Zimbabwe next to Mengstu house which you could buy with some of the 700 million our Eritrean money in Swiss but I bet you Mengstu will kill you on arrival and at the same time the despicable old man MUGABE is dying. (one limb at a time)
    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea down fall to the criminal dictatorial regime.

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