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Eritrean leaders should be tried for crimes against humanity: U.N.

GENEVA (HAN) June 8.2016. Public Diplomacy & Regional Security News. By Tom Miles. U.N. rights investigators accused Eritrean leaders of crimes against humanity including torture, rape and murder on Wednesday and called on the Security Council to impose sanctions and refer the case to the International Criminal Court.

Atrocities – including an indefinite military national service programme that amounted to mass enslavement – had been committed since the country’s independence in 1991 and were ongoing, the U.N. Commission of Inquiry said.

There was no immediate response from the Horn of Africa country, but it has routinely dismissed reports by U.N. bodies and campaign groups of rights violations in the past.

“Particular individuals, including officials at the highest levels of State, the ruling party – the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice – and commanding officers bear responsibility for crimes against humanity and other gross human rights violations,” the inquiry’s report said.

The inquiry said there had been no improvement since a year ago when it published a 484-page dossier describing extrajudicial killings, widespread torture, sexual slavery and enforced labour.

Visitors to the country should not be fooled by the “general sense of calm and order” in the capital Asmara, because abuses were carried out in military training camps and detention centres, the report said.

“The facade of calm and normality that is apparent to the occasional visitor to the country, and others confined to sections of the capital, belies the consistent patterns of serious human rights violations,” it added.

Eritrea’s government did not allow the inquiry team to visit the country, although its diplomats met the investigators at the U.N. headquarters in New York.

Last year the three-strong inquiry team, led by Australian diplomat and counter-terrorism expert Mike Smith, did not have a mandate to look into “international crimes”, so the previous report said only that crimes against humanity may have been committed, without apportioning blame.

In the past year, the inquiry has received almost 45,000 written submissions, almost all group letters and petitions criticising the first report, the direct result of a government campaign to discredit the inquiry, the report said.

Some signatories contacted by the inquiry said they had been coerced or their signatures had been forged and they were unaware of the letters, the report added.




6 Responses to “Eritrean leaders should be tried for crimes against humanity: U.N.”

  1. Alem

    If there is any change coming to Eritrea, it is NOT because the unelected dictator ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his mercenaries wanted too, but because of the shear pressure from our DELEYTI FTHI Eritrean brothers and sisters all over the world.
    It seems in 2016 the criminal tyrant ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his criminal regime emboldened by blood money from Saudi Arabia (leasing Assab for mercenaries) and blood money from the gold mining and trying to put this innocent and brave face to the world, but inside the decaying criminal and his regime is crumbling down and lets not forget this is a ruthless cold blooded regime.
    1- Thirteen of our Eritrean youngsters gunned down in the center of our capital Asmara in front of their family and friends.
    2-More than 13 of orthodox bishops incarcerated by the criminal regime and no body knows their where about. Our orthodox ABUN is still decaying in the prison cells of the ruthless criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKI.
    3- Hundreds of residential houses demolished by the criminal regime and his mercenaries.
    4-The criminal tyrant ISAYAS AFEWORKI, single handedly shuffling his brain dead gutless officials almost on monthly bases like a playing card. (They don’t even know what their position is any more)
    5- The delusional narcissist criminal to cover up his theft, single handedly he changed the currency of Eritrea by decree. Currency is the back bone of the economy and any decision regarding monetary and fiscal policies should studied by the experts (NOT by a delusional murderer) debated by congress/parliament or bayto and legislated by the law makers. Eritrea we got non of that.
    6- Thousands of our brothers and sisters including our hero’s like BITEWEDED ABRHA, HAILE WEDETNSAEA, PETROS SOLOMON, G-15, and our journalists are decaying and dying in the dungeons of the psychopath ISAYAS AFEWORKI.
    7- The worst of all, the cold blooded decaying human garbage ISAYAS AFEWORKI is still ruining our Eritrea.
    8-A concrete evidence came to light that ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his criminal junta are not only cold blooded murderers but petty thief’s, stealing in the amount of more than 700 million and stashing it in Swiss bank.
    9- Between 2013 and 2016 the criminal regime of Isayas Afeworki strangled more than 28 of his sitting duck high ranking officials. (purging of 2016 in progress)
    10- The drug addict cold blooded murderer is flexing his muscle to scrap our ratified 1997 constitution.

  2. axmed

    What is Eritrea but a Hamasen real state .

    1. Alem

      You have been saying the same stupid thing for ever. Get over it, like I told you before and hopefully for the last time, our country ERITREA is an independent African nation, aspiring to become a good and peaceful neighbor and in the process of becoming a prosperous democratic country. Yes we have a unelected psychopath ISAYAS AFEWORKI destabilizing our country and the region but like every other criminal tyrant he will pass too.

  3. axmed

    Alem ; ” Like you told me ” WOW ,you are not any different than your Hamasen brother . You are just another Afewerki who tells people how to behave , what to say ,and what to do ,and what not to do . Man , you are now dictating ( DICTATOR ) other people’s opinion . whatever you do keep your current . Shame on you Mr. HAMASEN for your attempt to censor me . I am not going to bad mouth you as Afewerki does you and every body else .

  4. axmed

    Alem ; do you want be our president ? I think you will not be any different than AFEWERKI !!!! . Keep your current job if you have one .

  5. Alem

    Here is what the COIE recommended regarding psychopath killers like ISAYAS AFEWORKI and sell out thieves and criminals like YEMANE GEBREAB (monkey) HAGOS KISHA, YEMANE GEBREMESKEL< GIRMA and much more criminals and thieves.
    "5. Security Council 132. The commission recommends that the Security Council: (a) Determine that the situation of human rights in Eritrea poses a threat to international peace and security; (b) Refer the situation in Eritrea to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court; (c) Impose targeted sanctions, namely travel bans and asset freezes, on persons where there are reasonable grounds to believe that the said persons are responsible for crimes against humanity or other gross violations of human rights.
    6. African Union 133. The commission recommends that the African Union establish an accountability mechanism, under the aegis of the African Union and supported by the international community, to investigate, prosecute and try individuals reasonably believed to have committed crimes against humanity.
    7. Member States and international organizations 134. The commission recommends that Member States and international organizations: (a) Keep Eritrea under close scrutiny until consistent and tangible progress with regard to the situation of human rights is evident, and ensure the centrality of human rights in all engagement with the State; (b) Insist on the implementation of the decision made on 13 April 2002 by the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission on the delimitation of the border; (c) Keep Eritrea on the agenda of the International Labour Organization and continue to address the issue of forced labour; (d) Assist Eritrea in addressing serious legislative and institutional weaknesses by strengthening its judiciary, establishing independent institutions and reforming its security sector through bilateral and multilateral development cooperation, in accordance with the human rights due diligence policy on United Nations support to non-United Nations security forces; (e) Provide Eritrean nationals seeking protection with refugee status in accordance with the provisions of the international law governing asylum, and in particular the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees; (f) Exercise jurisdiction over crimes against humanity when any alleged offender is present on the territory of a Member State or extradite him or her to another State in accordance with its international obligations; (g) Increase attention and the resources allocated to the situation of human rights in Eritrea by strengthening engagement with the Government with the aim of implementing the present recommendations and those made during the sessions of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review and by other human rights mechanisms."

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