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Eritrea: Diplomats must play by the Protocol rules

Ottawa (HAN) June 21, 2014 – Updates news and views: Eritrean Diplomatic Immunity Series 1 Part 1.  The Eritrean regime relies on diaspora cash for hard currency. But according to the UN, it also uses its money to support armed rebels opposing Ethiopia, and others with ties to the notorious Al-Shabaab movement in Somalia. The task of diplomacy including Eritrean diplomats  is to follow, promote and maintain international relations, to eliminate and settle misunderstandings and problems which have arisen in relations between subjects of international law and international relations in general.

Because of Eritrea’s destabilizing role in the troubled Horn of Africa, the UN imposed sanctions on the country in 2009, hoping to choke off its access to arms and money.

Canada later adopted them, meaning those who pay are violating UN sanctions and may also be breaking Canadian law according to past reports.

“Canada has repeatedly made clear to Eritrea to respect international sanctions and Canadian law,” Baird said in his statement. “The Eritrean government is welcome to propose another candidate to represent it in Canada, but that person must be prepared to play by the rules.

“Our resolve on this matter should not be further tested,” he said.

A source told CBC that Canada’s spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, has contacted members of the Eritrean community for information about the tax scheme. Representatives from Canadian FM John Baird’s department and Obhrai, have also had meetings with the community.


Eritrea: Eritrean Diplomatic Immunity Series 1 Part 2 – Click and  See more at: Eritrea: Diplomat demanded a share of her annual income in Canada

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8 Responses to “Eritrea: Diplomats must play by the Protocol rules”

  1. thanks for your balanced, fact based information. it should be clear to all who is rational person what the Eritrean selfish, racist government officials doing. Ethiopia is striving to eradicate poverty form Ethiopia even from eastern Africa but the Eritrea dictators are jealous for Ethiopian progress for instance Issayas sports the alshabab terrorist groups, organizing anti Ethiopian groups, opposing one of the eastern African greatest electric power projects, killing the Eritrea citizens when they are crossing the border to other countries.Ethiopia is a great country when we say this no room for racism in Ethiopian weather some body are black or white they are one of us. our constitution testifies this fact.

  2. Ben Emil

    chala addis, you are lying.

    Your EPRDF/TPLF Junta in Ethiopia is committing genocide in the Ogaden, Gambella, Oromo, Afar, and Amara Regions. And your Ethiopian-junta is selling arms to Al Shabaab while claiming to fight it. Do not pretend that you are pro-peace and pro-stability when your junta in Addis is the one that is the Major cause of Instability in the Horn of Africa.

    You lie through your teeth. In Ethiopia, European tourists have died because of your EPRDF-unelected Junta has a reign of terror on the people of Ethiopia.

    Trust me, your TPLF will be chased out of Addis Ababa, and will be served Capital Punishment in Mekele, Tigray!

    Just know that the People of Ethiopia will Uprise against your wicked Evil regime in Addis!

  3. Ben Emil

    The Eritrean government should just remove its Consulate and Break all ties with Canada, if this is how Canada wants to play. Nevsun Company better be prepared to deal with the ramifications of it;s idiotic governments display of reasonable interaction.

    How come the Baird government doesn;t do the same with Ethiopia, when Ethiopia has done far worst. It is ridiculous and any so- called Eritrean who agrees with this Baird;s plans needs to just have their Eritrean citizenship revoked permanently. How the heck do you call yourself Eritrean and then expect a service from Eritrea and at the same time betray the Eritrea by falsely claiming asylum. Why don;t you just renounce Eritrean citizenship. I suspect these so-called Eritrean asylum seekers in this Articles are most likely Tigrayan-Ethiopians masquerading as Eritreans or Eritreans who have decided to sellout Eritrea just to be a dishwasher in Canada, and by the way, I;ve washed dishes before and I didnt have to sell myself out or throw anyone let alone an entire nation to wash dishes.

    The so-called activists are just mere willing pawns who will get their karmic punishment.

    1. Ben Emil

      The Eritrean government should just remove its Consulate and Break all ties with Canada, if this is how Canada wants to play. Nevsun Company better be prepared to deal with the ramifications of it;s idiotic governments display of Unreasonable interaction.

      I meant to say “UNreasonable interaction”

  4. Mekeret

    Eritrean Diplomat: Go and see Eritrean development (though we don’t allow low minded people like you to enter our country) .
    We are constructing our beloved country by ourselves, unlike you without leaking ass of the West and begging any aid.
    We are happy without you, we don’t need you.
    So please shut your big mouth and continue your job of corruption where you are all the experts on it.

  5. Slim

    Ethiopia should be sanctioned for violating the territorial integrity of a UN member state (Eritrea)

  6. Alem

    My dear brothers and sisters like most of you I love my country Eritrea and I can not wait to see the tide reversing and our country becoming prosperous, peaceful and heaven for its citizens. But in realty this unelected regime is NOT capable of doing that, and he is our main problem not the UN, Canada, US, OAU or for that matter Ethiopia. He brought division among us and he made us vulnerable for outside forces. The outside world will never show us respect as far as we are divided, and as far as this unelected tyrant (ISAYAS) is in power we will never be united. Enough is Enough and he needs to go, we need to rise up and get rid of this blood thirsty dictator (ISAYAS) and his criminal thugs. Do NOT be fooled any more, in 24 years let alone our border he couldn’t even secure electricity and water. Because of this maniac.
    1- Thousands of our youngsters running away from hopelessness, endless slavery (AGELGLOT)are dying, getting raped and jailed everyday.
    2- Thousands of our men and our women are behind bars in their own country.(Just for having different opinion)
    3- Our Economy is in shambles.
    4- Our government -non existent we don’t have one.(hijacked by criminals)
    5- Higher education (chained locked and educators fired)
    6- Transportation (might as well lets start using live stock)
    7- Freedom of anything (what freedom?????)
    8- Healthcare (our people are relying on garlic and ginger)
    9- Law of the land (according to the tyrant we do not need one he is the law)
    10- our elders are begging under the cover of darkness (they are hungry)
    My people, our country with all its recourses and highly driven and motivated people we are not taking our place in history rather we allowed one single clueless manic (ISAYAS) and his criminal thugs dictate and chose how we live our life as a society. Most of our youngsters are jumping from jail to jail, boat to boat and begging in the streets of Israel, Libya, Yemen, Greece and Rome and our families in Eritrea are living in a stone age era and still we are SILENT.

    1. TOmas

      Listen Alemina
      If Exaggeration is truth ,where would the world stand?
      I was brainwashed like you before .The 10 horror story you have mentioned above was the main topic that they preach and makes me blindly hater ,but now i start to realize everything and got some answers.
      There is no a prosperous,peaceful, heaven country in this world.Forget about third world country even the developed country are having unstable political situation. To the contrary Eritrea is the peaceful stable country in this planet right now. you may not agree but that is the true,unless you want to avoid it. The Devil doesn’t like peaceful and stabilized thing ,So he has to hunt for the bad thing to happen .Our Enemy(TPLF) worked hard to create this kind of situation inside and outside Eritrea by hiring many Eritreans to do the dirty work ( what a smart political game i love it weyane!!) . Even the Eritreans who are hired to do the dirty work don’t know who the Chief Executives Officers and their goals are, as long as they get paid who cares . And they think they are doing a big favor for Eritrean people but they are damaging it (Poor guys) . By the way, by importing our youngster to the hell or heaven they are getting success on this part.The youngsters are an easy target , we have all ambition,dreams, and explore a new thing.So that perfectly worked for them. Other than that enemy’s are failing and they are still will do more ugly stuff until they get what they want .
      Why ? because to satisfy their “Political Greed”
      How ? using brainwashed Eritreans as a tool to abuse their brothers and sisters.(weak-up!!)
      Why is that? because they haven ‘t succeeded their dream though war.
      What will they get those who are called opposition knowingly unknowingly serving (supporting) the enemy at the end ? “Nothing Nothing”, they will be treated as Shaibia. (nediekum may wredula yekenyelna)
      Recently, i have learned that those 357 who died on the way to Italy ,enemy and opposition party are responsible for their death.The trafficker were paid to put fire on that boat, Usually boats are sank by natural cause or motor problem, but in this case, it is a little bit different ,it hints some red flag and it does make sense now. look at all the apposition websites ,posts and demonstration made still, walla moytom bishimom yshqet alo ( zweredom meneseyat gudom zeyfeletu) . Many people had died before and after that day but no issue .
      why do they pick that particular incident and made a big issue about it ? now you know why, To demoralize the people, to use them for propaganda, to use them for demonstration drama, to dismantle people’s spirit and to blame (zweredo Esayas). At lease sometimes we have to be fair not to forget the good work too. Some day not far away people will know the truth. Any body has the right to oppose if they know exactly what they are opposing for. So be smart think twice people.
      “Unless a person knows how to give order to his or her thoughts, attention will be attracted to whatever is most problematic at the moment. It will focus on some real or imaginary pain, or recent grudges or long term frustrations.
      — Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi, The Flow, p. 119

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