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Eritrean Diplomat as an Ambassador in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa (HAN) December 27, 2018. Public Diplomacy and Regional Security. The 1st Eritrean Diplomat as an Ambassador in Ethiopia more than 2 dacades, Ambassador Semere Russom, has presented credentials to President Sahlework Zewde as Eritrea’s Ambassador to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

Ambassador Semere Russom began his professional life as a teacher. He traveled to the United States as a student at the University of Oklahoma, but terminated his studies in 1976 to serve in the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front. After Eritrea’s independence he served as Eritrean Ambassador to the United States and Canada

Meanwhile, at the ceremony held at the Genet Luul State House in Addis Ababa, Ambassador Semere delivered President Isaias Afwerki’s message of good will to President Sahlework and the people and Government of Ethiopia.

Indicating that he will work for strengthening and preserving the relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia, Ambassador Semere said that the new era of hopeful prospect will ensure the aspirations of peace and development of the peoples and governments of the two countries.

and Finally: President Sahlework congratulated Ambassador Semere for his appointment for the historic mission. President Sahlework also expressed expectation that Ambassador Semere will play due role in strengthening the existing peace and friendship between the two countries.

President Sahlework went on to say that Eritrea and Ethiopia have the potential and capacity of contributing for the peace and development among IGAD members and Africa and that needs integrated efforts

Sources: Office of the President and Eritrean Info Ministry

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