ASMARA (HAN) February 15, 2016 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. A workshop on natural resources development in Eritrea organized by the Eritrean Embassy in the UK was held in the city of London on 11 February.

The workshop was attended by industrial experts, representatives of financial institutions, investors, diplomats from South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Rwanda, Germany, Italy, Bolivia, and Venezuela, as well as Eritrean experts and journalists.

Chairperson of the discussion, Ms. Rudy Sandhu, a business ethics and human rights lawyer who has travelled to Eritrea on a number of missions, provided a detailed account of her experiences and travel to Eritrea.

Ms. Sandhu gave a briefing on the peace and stability inside the country, as well as the attractive environment for business. She also discussed the conducive atmosphere for investment within Eritrea, and noted that the media coverage of Eritrea is sensationalized and fails to accurately depict conditions on the ground.




  1. We are hopeful that our company will make the most out of this golden opportunity.
    Gratitude to the Embassy of Eritrea.
    From HMUP LTD.


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