Eritrea will host the next Russian Heavy military Exercises on water

Asmara (HAN) August 4, 2014 – Defense and Security News update. In Eritrea, military, academic, business and media circles,  there is breathless excitement about the rise of Russia and the US decline,  they assume as its inevitable corollary. There is an  announcement that Russia’s Defense Ministry will hold drills for reservists in all of the country’s military commands in August-October. Now comes yet another announcement, this time that Russia’s will be holding military exercises this week involving 100 aircraft in the west of the country near the Ukraine border. This kind of activity mean that Russia is saber-rattling or somehow threatening regional security  and stability, while is getting ready for war with NATO.  Russia also has  another announcement, this time that Russia will be holding military exercises in Eritrea soon this year, according to the sources from Eritrean diplomat in Europe, who told Geeska Afrika Online.

Such Eritrean water exercises are primarily designed to test the readiness of the Russian armed forces, and it is quite possible that this is indeed their main goal at this time is to have a base in Eritrean Red Sea ports,  but one important side effect of such activity is to overwhelm the surveillance capabilities of the Russian defense forces in the Red Sea, after the Cold war.

To the extent that Eritrea and Russian  government thinks current US policy really resembles Cold War containment, this reflects woeful ignorance of US strategy during the Cold War and now. But the current regional militarization in the regions rests on an assumption that America has had its day and that Russia and China’s burgeoning gross domestic product will translate directly into predominant power which American partners in the region has to start heeding.

The Horn of Africa defense and security analyst argued elsewhere that, far from becoming a liability,  Eritrea’s strategic relationship with the Russia is becoming more important, after Obama rejected Eritrean president to attend US-Africa Summit in Washington, that conviction is made stronger by an important new article by Geeska Afrika Online in its Page- Regional defense and Security.

Similar military Exercise will happen in Eritrea in three Months: Russian Heavy military pontoon exercise again  will took place in Eritrea’s red sea region. More than 600 servicemen and 150 units of engineer equipment from all the military districts will be involved in the exercise.


Reason Russia Moving to Africa’s Strategic port of Eritrea: Russia’s foreign ministry complained vocally about the sanctions, criticizing the U.S. for “advancing baseless claims” about its role in Ukraine in a “pretentious, prosecutorial manner.” It criticized the EU for allowing its policy to be “dictated by Washington.”

in a Neighbouring Eritrea, Djibouti: US naval vessels and aircraft used Djibouti’s facilities, and the 2 countries perform joint military exercises. US military and economic aid was $7 million in 2000. This included $2.7 million in emergency food aid, $2 million to start a humanitarian demining program, and $100,000 for self-help, democracy and human rights. The country retained close relations with France and other Western nations, as well as with Islamic states. In addition to the US precense, Djibouti was also home to France’s largest foreign military base as of 2002. Djibouti was host to several thousand French military personnel, including the 13e Démi-Brigade de la Légion Étrangère (13e DBLE – 13th Half-Brigade of the Foreign Legion).

Djibouti’s military Strategy is a major, well-equipped, international port, whose management had been recently turned over to a Dubai-based company. Ethiopia, a landlocked country, was the main user of the port. Fairly good roads linked all the small towns to the capital city of Djibouti. The infrastructure still needed much improvement, as paved roads still were not extensive by the early 2000s. Djibouti had an international airport, which could handle large aircraft such as the Boeing 747.


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13 Responses to “Eritrea will host the next Russian Heavy military Exercises on water”

  1. Live & Let Live

    While Eritrea’s socialist, fair-minded society tends to be more aligned with Russian than Western greed, it not antagonistic to either powers despite having been severely ill-treated by both in recent past (and on-going on the West’s case). Eritrea’s relations with Russia are bilateral, anchored on business and non-military strategic areas. Thus, Eritrea’s clear, unwavering, fiercely independent & hypersensitive position on the issue of super-power pawn politics should be unmistakable to the world by now.

    Lastly, this story still beats the 50 or so puppet fat-cat African leaders being dehumanized with Cart Blanche Ebola testing & pocket-change hand-outs in Washington. Extremely proud of being from the only truly independent country in sub-Saharan Africa.

  2. One can say whatever he or she wants regarding Isaias Afewerki, but one thing is clear: He is not stupid. I don’t believe he will do anything that is going to endanger the safety and security of his people and his country.

    1. Alem

      Oh yes you better believe it he is not only cruel and evil but he is the dumbest of all the dictators too. He will do anything and pay what ever cost to stay in power. Because of his stupidity and arrogance, the peace loving democratic countries rejected him and of course he has to join the dictatorial circle of Russia, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea and Zimbabwe.

  3. simba

    Whats wrong with doing military exercise jointly with Russia? Even the Americans are doing it in neighboring countries like Kenya, and the like. I hope they do it jointly with our military forces so that they get expose to advanced military equipment and technology.

  4. Abraham

    Israel, Iran, Russia. What next? Martians…? Is it hard to understand thar Eritrea is independent? The world has turned moron thanks to the likes of FOX and you geesaafrika. Long live independent Eritrea!

  5. Abraha

    I think they did not learn from Ethiopia. What happen on Ethiopia during the cold war? take from my tongue it will be devastating for Eritrea.

  6. Lucien

    So many naive, self-deluding neophytes! You are easily taken in by any form of propaganda. The tyrant knew how gullible his sheeple are and exploited it to the fullest. That is how he managed to stay in power for so long. And now something else comes along and you fall for it.

    The Cold War is over. Russia has no desire to aggravate the US militarily. Their new game is economics. And Russia is more worried about China, which it is afraid might encroach on its eastern regions. Russia will not do so stupid a thing as engaging the US and Europe militarily. Russia needs their help. The Russians will not burn bridges behind them. They know they will need to cross it gain. I cannot say that about some of you who write here. It looks like you never learned the lesson of not burning bridges behind you. So thirsty for recognition you are that you won’t even take time to verify whether propaganda-masquerading-as-news is genuine. When will you ever learn?

    Get over your obsession.

  7. david

    W Eritreans that have lost generation to war for benefits the powerfull nations like USA and Rassia.they dont give a shit about as and we dont have to give a shit about them .lets give a shit to each other to our owen benefiet.lets love each other and do what is needed for as and for our country.

  8. ithink this is good for ERITREA look whay is ETHIOPIA is geting away with out eny thing for what is doing because it has the support of one of the power in UN so if ERITREA make this releshinship with russia it is got it get some VETO POWER AGAINST eritrea

  9. the faild opposition & eritrean enemys dont like the ERITREAN RUSSIAN releshin ship because in evry time acuse ERITREA in UN they get the support of U S A & get what they want now there is new sherfe in UN name RUSSIA who have the same VETO power like U S A

  10. sole

    Guys better give attention what Ethiopia promises to America during African American summit.
    may be america wants Ethiopia to overthrow the Eritrean regime by giving it’s support, in this case no choice, I support the involvement of Russia. cause the regime in Eritrea should come to an end by only Eritrean and if america want’s his down fall to be real, it should give direct support to Eritrean who are standing against the regime.

  11. Alem

    My brothers so far there is no country benefited by associating with the Russians. Not the Cubans, North Koreans, Afghans , Venezuelans or Vietnamese, they neither gained technological advancement nor economical prosperity. They have decaying and stagnant dysfunctional economy and its proven to be a failure. They sure do have tons of aged military hardware without spare parts which does not bring peace and prosperity. That is why we see countries like Vietnam moving away from the failed centralized market economy to free market economy and opening its doors for investors from the western world. The dictators cozying with the Russians is NOT for the benefit of Eritrea or Eritrean people but rather to extend his tyranny for few more years. What our Eritrea need is, our unity under a democratically elected government and governed by constitution so we can build our country and secure our border.

  12. Ephraim Haile

    Our glorious motherland is invariably growing by away all its recalcitrant and rotten enemies the world over
    Its growing relations with the land of the great Lenin and millions of great Russians is so timely and progressive
    Long live relabetween patriotic Eritrea and Russian Federation!!!

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