Eritrea: Understanding Conflict & Facilitating Peace

Asmara (HAN) December 4th, 2019 – IGAD2020 Regional Security and Public Diplomacy. The upcoming online debate is sponsored by the Somali Institute of Security, Strategy and Diplomacy (SIRAD Institute) The Statecraft  School for National Security and Maritime related security  at the IGAD’s only Think Thank to Empower independent Security Initiatives. The online program offers a practical, skills-based curriculum that prepares security and Diplomacy schoolers  to become responsible peacebuilding practitioners in conflict areas around the Horn of Africa. The program is built around three key pillars: understanding the core problems of conflict in the region to reduce risks, developing the process for coexistence intervention to initiate peace, and supporting the Horn of African people and its communities affected by the worst civil and regional wars in the Horn of Africa.

Meanwhile: UN Security Council’s members called on to continue these efforts and open a new chapter of cooperation that will ensure greater peace, stability, and prosperity in the IGAD region. IGAD2020 Regional Security Watch (HAN)

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