Eritrea: UN Monitor's Scandal “Regime Change” Letter Resigned

Asmara (HAN) October 17, 2014. Regional security and corruption Scandal news. The UN’s Somali-Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) is not only shrouded in corruption that needs to be tackled at the UN level but the SEMG abuses its mandate as a body overseeing UN sanctions on Somalia and Eritrea such as, among other things, embargo of delivery of weapons to those countries. One of SEMG officials by the name of Dinesh Mahtani abused his position and used letterhead of SEMG to implement his personal views and suggested regime change in Eritrea. Mahtani’s regime change suggestion letter was put on the Internet.

Eritrea TV Tigrinya Zena News, Criticize the UN Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Groups statements

According to Geeska Afrika Online note received an Eritrean Diplomat in Rome, “Eritrean leaders knew that UN’s Somali-Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG) is corrupted group since the start of their specific mission against Eritrean people.”

The president of Somalia federal government has expressed concern over what it calls numerous SEMG) inaccuracies, contradictions and factual gaps in a new UN report by the Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea

In July 2014, a reported was put together on Eritrea and placed online and later taken down by SEMG because the report was not supposed to be released but was leaked by the SEMG Coordinator, Matt Bryden.

Photo; Eritrea TV Tigrinya Zena News, Criticise the UN Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group with SEMG about lie that Eritrea is a destabilize factor in Somalia – Eritrean Television Channel.


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5 Responses to “Eritrea: UN Monitor's Scandal “Regime Change” Letter Resigned”

  1. biniam

    Personal agendas never work, when you have a collective willing to out wait you until the truth comes out!
    Kudos to the truth seekers, and Kudos to anyone that has felt any injustice in their lives.
    Typical – First Amnesty International was exposed and now UN SEMG.
    No WMD’s , what are we to believe? The quote of tell an lie often enough and it will become the truth has no bearing on Eritrea.
    The lies keep looking desperate; Ethiopia blames Eritrea anytime some goes wrong, the UN makes reports from thin air.
    Taking a break from the media of nonsense!

  2. wedinkafa

    This shows the UN is a nest for rapists, looters, embezzlers false info peddlers; these are men who look good and talk good, but truly so, they are morally bankrupt, devoid of any humane nature and our world is in turmoil because of these men who behave like a beast on loose.

  3. elk

    I also demand Susan Rice Resign. This woman need to go away for us African to have peace.

    We need Susan Rice to go away. I can’t stand this woman. What did she do to stop the Genocide in Rwanda -1994. The Rwanda children will hunt her down for ever. I hope this woman does not go to heave. She need to go to hell.

    Obama is not going to bring change because he has not changed his inner-circle.

  4. Yo us

    What ever happen with SEMG, Eritrea is the worst government in Africa. Our brothers and sisters are telling us by running out of Eritrea in thousands every month. Please don’t try to sugar coat it.

  5. Serek

    Susan Rice is Jude and a dog of Jews

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