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Eritrea: U.S. "Deep concern President Isyas to Detain other Journalists"

Asmara (HAN) February 2, 2015 – International Security issues. The United States continues to urge that the president of Eritrea, Isyas Afwerki to release Eritrean prisoners of conscious.

Press Statement: Jen Psaki, Department Spokesperson, Washington, DC.

The US Department Spokesperson said it “welcomes” the news from the rights group Reporters Without Borders (RSF) that six journalists have been released from prison in Eritrea after being held for six years, but also called for swift changes to the system.

“The most dramatic event in the February 2009 wave of arrests was a raid on Radio Bana, a small radio station in the centre of the capital that broadcast educational programmes sponsored by the education ministry. All of its staff – about 50 journalists – were taken to Dobozito detention centre on the outskirts of the capital without any explanation being given.”

The United States has an Strategic Concerns:

“We note with deep concern that the government continues to detain other journalists, reportedly as many as 17. We encourage the government to take immediate steps to release these additional detainees, all persons detained on the basis of their religious beliefs, members of the G-15, and all other political prisoners.”

The United States continues to urge that the president of Eritrea, Isyas Afwerki to take comprehensive steps to respect human rights and avail its citizens of their fundamental freedoms.

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5 Responses to “Eritrea: U.S. "Deep concern President Isyas to Detain other Journalists"”

  1. Gebis

    The United state government is voilating all kinds of human rights. who in the world give the autherity to United States to be the police of human right while the United States is keep killing innocent children, mothers and olders all over the world . The United States is still destroying a civilins village in different parts of the world by using Drones. The united state has not a right any more to talk about any human rights issue any more. The whole world should be united and opposed to stop the criminal act of the USA government in SYria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya , Ukrean, and Somalia.——————————————————————————-

  2. axmed

    The hostages of the Asmara Mafia should sue this illegal regime in international courts for SIX years of kidnapping and imprisonment to recover some of their loss.

  3. Sarah

    There are some who are in Eritrea’s prisons now that have been there for years and years and it’s because they refused to fight in the military because it was against their belief to go to war against anyone. The Bible says to be peaceable with all men…so these men were doing just that. If only the world could follow that example, yes? To be peaceable with all men. Would there be such evil and murder if people valued human life as much as Jehovah’s Witnesses do? True Christians do not take up arms and fight for any nation. Their only job is to be workers for Christ, spreading the good news about God’s Kingdom. Release these men! Have they not suffered long enough for being good men?

  4. Amine Emhatsion

    The accusation of USA is 100 percent lie there are no religious leaders arrested by Eritrea government the only people who are in jail now is. All people who are traitors who do wrong USA should stay away from Eritrea matters I don’t understand why all this lies about Eritrea .the people workfor oObama administration are dam people like Mary harf she said she want to give jobs to the head hunters. Hahaha may Eritrea be victorious thank you !!!eseyas afewerki long live .!!!

  5. Amine Emhatsion

    Susan rise steal money meant for Ethiopian and Eritrea children she doctor death she brings death to the horn of Africaby dividing and crap up unlawful governments we don’t need your war in horn if Africa go home black Yankee you are not going to be the fuller of horn of aAfrica go home black Yankee .

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