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Eritrea to Build 50,000 Affordable Homes in 3 Years

Eritrea to build an impressive 50,000 ‘affordable’ houses within three years to tackle the housing crises.

The ambitious project will mostly improve the rural areas in accordance with the government long-held policy of curbing people migration to the city from other urban areas according to an official.

Asmara will be the least beneficiary of the strategic plan as the government think that the capital city cannot handle over the present number of 500,000 people. The solution said the government, the solution is to build 30,000 homes, hospitals, schools and other essential infrastructures in villages around the capital city where the water reservoirs are in abundance.

The masterplans for the village of Adi Halo, Adi Ts’enay and Selae-Daero villages, Gala-Nefhi sub-zone near Asmara are already finished and the construction process will start soon.
15,000 homes will be built in the rest of the major cities to reduce the burden of housing.

The last 5,000 homes will be made to house local administrators, medical doctors, teachers, police and traffic officers in all 52 sub-zone capital cities.

All houses will be built with an internal resource using pre-cast building materials from Asmara, Massawa and Alebu construction factories.



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