Eritrea: Threat and Act of Intimidation of the Eritrean Regime

New York (HAN) June 24, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Humanitarian Security News – The Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea presented its report to the United Nations Human Rights Council. Swiss police were guarding three U.N. investigators into Eritrea’s human rights record in Geneva on Wednesday after a top official said they had received threats on the street and at their hotel.

The inquiry’s report published earlier this month showed human rights violations in Eritrea that may amount to crimes against humanity, including extrajudicial killings, widespread torture and enforced labor.

Eritrean ambassador Tesfamicael Gerahtu was upbraided by Ruecker for telling the council that the commission was “ignorant”, that it had “a sinister political agenda” and that their report – based on 550 interviews and 160 written statements – was “a travesty of justice”.

Keetharuth said the threats were “specific”: Eritrean government systematically spies on individuals and entities inside and outside Eritrea, the U.N. investigators inquiry’s reported.

Acording to Geeska Afrika Online reader Hebron Wedi, who said “threat and act of intimidation of the Eritrean regime against the inquiry shows the true bizare character of the regime”

Eritrean IGAD’s neighbors of Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia are backing a Human Rights Council resolution to extend the team’s mandate for a year to enable it to say if crimes against humanity were committed and to ensure “full accountability”.

Photo: Mike Smith, UN-mandated inquiry finds ‘very clear patterns’ of human rights abuses.


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5 Responses to “Eritrea: Threat and Act of Intimidation of the Eritrean Regime”

  1. Yonas

    God is in the game. You can run but you can’t hide. There is always someone more powerful than you. Thanks to Shiela our African sister for coming to the rescue. They will use the race card and everything to defend the indefensible with so much crime in their hand. But God already has put the rules at play in the begging of the duality split. You have to ripe what you saw. So Isayas and the criminals now God will use the UN and all the powers in the world to come and put you in place. The fake Eritreans HALAYAT you got with you don’t have the wisdom to defend you. God will teach you the way, we are not worried. You even pissed of the spirit of the world. And our beautiful Eritrea will be back to its rightful owners, the people. Free and democratic. I don’t know what happen to you but you failed the power demon. Now the one that can beat the power demon will rule Eritrea. This powerful leader is invisible and already got you in check but you can’t see him. Now you will be tried for crimes against Humanity. What ashame all you had to do was give it to the people, you forgot all the true TEGADELTY that died for FREEDOM, can you tell me is this what you created FREEDOM! Because that is what we fought for. Ethiopians are the closest people to us. They lost because they use force and here you are doing the same thing. How can that equation work. Long Live Eritrea, our ancestors will protecte us, they not dead, you not killing anyone but your name, we live forever…

  2. Kalihari Snake

    Hi Alem K

    It is really a shame that our heroes are dead or are rotting behind bars without ever being afforded any due process.

    It is also disgusting that the remaining old crew of goons in Isaias’s group simple are so selfish that they do not wish to stand up for what is right. This group includes Girma Asmerom, Askalu Menkerios, Osman Saleh, Semare Russom and Giorgis Teklemichael.

  3. Alemgena Taye

    If Isayas’ squad doing the disruption in the outer world, what was/is the fate of Eritreans in that ghostly country. Just gauge it.

  4. Alemgena Taye

    If Isayas’ squad is disrupting the outer world, what was/is the fate of Eritreans in that ghostly country? just gauge it.

  5. axmed

    Hamasen tyranny must end. It is not Isayas who is running this detention camp called Eritrea,but a bunch of HAMASEN , AKALEGUZAY and bunch of criminal gangs and enforcers from all the other ethnic groups. The only solution to this country turned a concentration camp is REUNITE with the NEW Ethiopia.

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