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Eritrea: The only country able to withstand aggressive US adventurism

Asmara (HAN) August 3, 2014.  Expert Analysis, Your Power & Regional Influence Magazine, opinion page by Amanuel Biedemariam. President Baraka Hussein Obama extended an invitation to all African leaders except Eritrea which are not in good standing with the United States. Why Eritrea?

In Washington, the White House announced that the First American Black leader will host the first United States and Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, on August 5 and 6, 2014. The U.S. President Baraka Hussein Obama looks forward to welcoming leaders from across the rising African continent to the Nation’s Capital to further strengthen ties with one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest-growing regions.

More specifically Eritrea leader Isaias Afwerki were not invited, but, President Baraka Hussein Obama issued invitations  to the heads of state from Angola, Algeria, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Cabo Verde, Chad, Comoros, Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville), Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa), Cote d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, the Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, and Zambia.


The Reason is based the short Opinion Written by Amanuel Biedemariam: A young Eritrean that was born in the US once said, “When I hear people call Eritrea a new nation, it startles me because I grew knowing Eritrea to be a nation.” Most Eritrean children that grew up in the US before independence have encountered people that told them Eritrea does not exist on the map. Their answers were always that Eritrea existed in their heart and they knew that she will be free.

The subtle way the West pulled Eritrea’s annexation left Eritreans empty handed without a country, under primitive tyranny of Ethiopia’s pseudo monarchy. In a flash, they defeated the surrendering Italian army led by British troops into Asmara Palace and not long-after, British soldiers and the US escorted Emperor Haile Selassie into Asmara with his wife and handed him a nation without having to lift a finger. Great Britain’s recently declassified World War II videos show this transaction clearly.

Eritreans who dreamt of independent Eritrea were forced to flee, killed or imprisoned. That in effect marked the start of the liberation struggle. Eritrea ceased to exist as a nation then. However, Eritrea was alive in the hearts and minds of Eritreans. Heart is the foundation of the Eritrean psyche, the place where Eritrea lives no matter where and it is where it all starts and still continues to date.

With nothing but determination, Eritreans embarked on a long and arduous journey to freedom. Without resources and military expertise Eritreans flocked to the field to fight against US funded Ethiopian troops. In no time, Eritrea managed to establish a full-fledged army that included tanks  captured from enemy soldiers. Moreover, while the fighting was taking place, Eritreans were focused on reestablishing Eritrea after victory hence embarked on a nation building campaign.

The people of Eritrea accomplished the unthinkable, unimaginable and seemingly impossible fit. With principled approach to struggle, clear-aim stemming from the iron-willed Eritrean heart, by empowering Eritreans with education, by organizing, arming-them with everything they need to succeed as a unit and by Self Reliance Eritrea won.

The manner in which Eritrea came to life is a history that the Soviet Union, United States and their allies shun to talk or write because it highlights the defeat of their agendas. That also means given a choice these enemies would not have liked to see independent Eritrea.

In 1991, the US tried to block Eritrea’s independence but failed because Eritrea knew what to do and where to go. Eritrea took-out the system in Ethiopia and propelled the current regime, in a sense conducted a regime change; a first seamless transition conducted by an African nation, and ensured the signature that sealed independence. No African nation would admit that the current regime in Ethiopia is a byproduct of the struggle propelled to power by Eritrea.

Eritrea’s independence was significant historical event that reshaped the Horn of Africa’s geostrategic map. It came at a time when the Soviet Union fell and the US became the sole-superpower. The breakup of the USSR accorded the US opportunity to control the region. Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya and Ethiopia became US client-states with Ethiopia as a hub. Eritrea was also a part of that equation.

After the Cold War, the US controlled the region by proxies. At the time the Clinton administration lauded these “new generation African leaders” including His Excellency President Isaias Afwerki as the hope for the future. That was short-lived because while the others kowtowed to US interests Eritrea forged independent path to the dismay of US marking new Era of US Eritrea relations. Eritrea was the only nation thus a spoiler of US hegemony. Cooperation, mutual interests-based bilateral relations with Eritrea would set a bad precedent; hence, a regime change policy was initiated against Eritrea.

The machinations to ensnare Eritrea under the pretext of border-war were initiated leading to countless death, loss of limbs and population displacement. Had they succeeded, Eritrea would have been soaked-in-blood for generations. Eritrea managed to foil all their sinister attempts.

However, these machinations continued. The UN was manipulated to pass punitive measures that denied Eritrea her inalienable rights for self-defense with illegally manipulated and fabricated sanctions under the guise of “African nation’s initiative” when the actual violators were Ethiopia and the US that brazenly and violently invaded Somalia, a sovereign nation.

The levels of covert and overt activities on Eritrea remain relentless. All the defamatory campaigns and destabilizing activities against Eritrea trace their roots to Ethiopia and US. The US continues the assault with the youth as their key target. Recent State Department regarding Eritrean refugees from the Afar region indicate continuation of a hostile policy geared at encouraging youth flight. The regime change policy is still on play. US authorities are still trying to divide the people of Eritrea from the government.

In 2009, on Christmas Eve, when Ambassador Susan Rice boasted the sanction she placed upon the people of Eritrea, she said the US supports the people of Eritrea. In a similar Fashion, when Secretary John Kerry extended his warped independence letter, in May of 2014, he also said the US stands with the people of Eritrea.

Although it is an open secret, why deny congratulations to the government that brought independence of Eritrea? That is duplicity and sign of continuation of the policy. Nothing in the history of the US demonstrates US support for the people of Eritrea. The fact that Secretary Kerry deliberately misrepresented Boston Marathon-winner Meb Kiflezgi’s identity by calling him Kenyan when he knows that Meb is Eritrean-American is evidence that they do not want to acknowledge Eritrea.

Cold War Part II

During the Cold War, due to the global-geopolitical juxtaposition, Eritrea was caught on a seesaw that affected her negatively. That ended at the time when Eritrea won independence and the fall of USSR. Over the last two decades, the world witnessed the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria and unforeseen changes in many places such as Egypt. However, after 23 years of US adventurism, the world is experiencing yet another transition that will influence nations. The situation in Ukraine seems to be the game-changer having monumental impact on world politics.

When the US pressured Russia with swift actions including sanctions for Crimea, Russia and China lashed back in ways that changed the world. With a stroke of pen, China and Russia brought down-to-earth the notion of US as sole-super-power. By signing huge energy trade agreement, they invalidated the sanction threat and placed the EU-nations that supported the sanctions on a precarious position. Countries such as Germany were forced to retract, in a sense created a wedge between EU and the US.

The agreement is diminishing the role of the petro-dollar and re-establishing a new economic order that could counter US’s. The bilateral agreements will have implications on relations between nations, on the UN working-pecking-order, on the global economy, on previously US
engineered-UN and other sanctions, and on global politics. A shift on global-alliances independent from US is in place. Hence, for the first time in years, it appears the world is poised for a multi-polar world-order independent from US control.

The most import impact however is on the US dollar. When countries start to trade with other currencies, the value of the dollar falls precipitously and it damages the reserve currency that enabled the US to print money with impunity. Countries that depended on US finances to sustain their economies will crush. This includes countries like Ethiopia that receive billions of US dollars as food and security aid. Absent of new funding sources these countries will crush.

These new geopolitical developments will influence the political dynamics of various regions in Africa. The penetration of China by using/dumping the dollar to gain influence, Russia’s assertive-stances at the UN Security council is dissolving previously US dominated roles, thus diminishing US influences profoundly. For example China is building rail infrastructure that connects Kenya, to South Sudan, Uganda, and Rwanda.

These global developments will lead to changes of outdated US Africa policy. However, these changes will not come willfully. It will come due to US’s inability to manage situations that are spiraling out of control, changing global realities, and lack of funding. At the end, cost- benefit
analysis will force US policy changes.

For example Ethiopia will, in short time, be too expensive to manage. To divide-and-rule the TPLF junta divided Ethiopia along ethnic and religious lines. Many Ethiopians have been crying foul due to fears that religious clashes could lead to genocide in Oromia and other places. Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch has been warning about genocide in Ethiopia. Moreover, Ethiopia’s interventions in various parts of the region will undoubtedly have repercussions.

The effect on Eritrea

The difference between 1991 and now Eritrea was stripped-bare then. Today, the reality in Eritrea is different. The mere fact that food security is attained is a game changer. Eritrea is in much better place and able to stand independently. Eritrea is the only country able to withstand
aggressive US adventurism. It is ironic that Eritrea, a country that ascended at the fall USSR is managing to witness yet another cold war like event on the offing. Except this time the table appears to be turning with US super-power status on the decline while China and Russia rise.

Issias Aferworki is supposed to be a dictator, a tyrant, a leader “who kills his own people” according to just about every western media and human rights outfit there is, yet there they were, over 5,000 very proud and happy Eritreans giving him a hero’s welcome, standing ovations inside and wildly cheering throngs outside greeting his arrival and especially when he joined the crowd outside before his departure. His Last trip in new York.

Even when nations knew Eritrea is standing truthfully by the law, no one stood for justice on the side of Eritrea for fear of retaliation by US. Regardless, the people of Eritrea knew, as President Isaias Afewerki said, “That this adventurism will not last.” The people of Eritrea stood together and fought knowing that the fight is for the very-existence of Eritrea and paid the price demonstrating that Eritrea can stand without having to depend on any power. As a result, today, countries are looking for allies and Eritrea is a perfect choice. Eritrea’s ability to defend herself and the neutral stances are bearing fruit.

Eritrea was able to withstand the wrath because of the UNITY of the people, and successful national-service program. Every Eritrean, no matter where they live or who they are, has to participate. As a result Eritrea has the most disciplined military population on the world. The people of Eritrea know how to respect the gun and live with it while protecting the nation.
The mature-nature and the discipline makes Eritrea the most peaceful nation in Africa.

Eritrea’s greatest resources are the people not the rich natural resources the nation is endowed with. It is also national service and the unity of the people. And not surprisingly the enemies’ main targets are Eritrea’s human resources. The US and Ethiopia are doing everything to deny Eritrea her youth; attack the national service program and create divisions amongst the people. Their main aim is to find or create a crack.


Eritrea stood strong by the incorruptible leadership that brought Eritrea the time and space necessary to roll-with-the-punches. They secured the room necessary that allowed Eritreans to see global developments and learned from it with patience. Eritrea focused on the bigger picture
avoiding traps of temporary PR gains. They showed sacrifice and selflessness that the people can identify. They showed resilience under pressure and told the world we will do it our way, the Eritrean way. Most importantly Eritrea is here by the united-will and strength of the people.

It is time to strengthen our unity and stand for what the martyrs gave their lives. Above all, be smart; lift each-other and our communities no matter where we are. That is what time it is.

Wetru Awet N-Hafash – Originally published  Geeska Afrika Online July 12, 2014.

Zel-Alemawi Zikri N-Sema-e-tatna

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22 Responses to “Eritrea: The only country able to withstand aggressive US adventurism”

  1. Mala

    A bravado foolishly overplayed… phony nationalism bakes no bread, your bread comes from peaceful interaction with your neighbors and the international community. The previous regimes in the greater Ethiopia had been repressive for all of us, and you guys bravely fought it, as we also did the same with you. Then you went too far up to naming Eritrea as African Singapore and undermined us, your brothers and sisters in Ethiopia…and things went foul. Now, lionizing Eritrea as a geopolitical spoiler for the US and counting your neighbors as puppets is like repeating the same mistake you committed few years ago…You should by now know that your neighbors can live, and prosper, without you being with you. So whether you isolate yourself or not is up to you. A nation acting like a naughty boy who refuses to take his supper because he doesn’t won’t to make his parents or siblings happy is an embarrassing one. Get together, man up and work with us…we love you, and we know you love us too…politics aside, we are very much alike than we are different. Think about it…separate politics from social identity…and be at ease. Best wishes,

  2. Adam

    This looks like it is written by a person Isayas has a gun on his/her head or family. Poor guy. Isayas is from another planet—–poor people of Eritrea.

  3. Alem

    Do me a favor and spend just 45 minutes of your time watching a short movie on you tube under the title “THE WAVE” get back and read what you wrote and I bet you if you have the option I am sure you will delete it.
    You have been blowing the same trumpet for the past 10 plus years, accusing and blaming everything and everybody including the US, OAU, UN, England, Sweden our neighbor’s and even the sky but what you failed to see is the utter ignorance of the mad man ruining our Eritrea.
    I don’t think it is a surprise to the rest of the world that ,the lunatic (ISAYAS) did NOT get invited to the conference in America, because the conference is only for heads of states of Africa NOT for unelected thugs and thieves who turned the lives of their country men into living hell. Don’t worry the conference for ISAYAS ,Mugabe and for the old generals of Burma will be in Russia with PUTIN.
    It is so amazing to see some of you, our Eritrean brothers and sisters, just forgetting this Drug addict individual is just a single incompetent person with no knowledge of governing a country and Not even capable of leading a family but instead you fear and respect him like God. Watch “THE WAVE” and it will wake you up from the night mare.

    Few years back if this DRUG ADDICT ISAYAS had the brain and transferred power to the people
    1- Our economy would thrive 100 fold.
    2- We would have more friends and less foes
    3-Our country would thrive in technology (at least we would have reliable electricity and water)
    4- Thousand of our men and women would be innovators NOT prisoners.
    6- We would renovate our university and open more.
    7-our airport would be buzzing with flights.
    8- we would have land of the law that would govern us.
    9- small businesses and construction would flourish and would sustain our economy.
    10- Tax revenue would be collected from the local economy………………..and much more.

    Unfortunately for us, a drug addict maniac (ISAYAS AFEWORKI) hijacked our freedom and our country and reduced our beautiful Eritrea into unrecognizable destitute country.

    Believe me ISAYAS is a drug addict and he is a worthless mess NOT good for any body.

    1. Eri Centric

      That can happen only if you bend for the USA, otherwise the real and long way will at least take minimum 30 years or more,,,,, Look back and check your history instead of hallucinating in here because of your admiration of the USA.

      1. Alem

        You think six more years of tyranny, isolation ,dictatorship, raping, killing, jailing innocent people and failed policies will fix Eritrea. Or are you saying in the next six years finally Eritrean cities will have electricity and water like the rest of the world.
        Learn to be civil and make your argument, don’t have the dictators mentality. we don’t have to have the same faith, we do not have to support the same team we don’t have to like the same things and we definitely do not have to have the same ideology. we should respect our differences and allow it to complement our growth and change.
        Don’t get me wrong for the first few years I support and celebrated ISAYAS as a hero but after I realized that his “my way or the highway” mentality and his intention of not willing to transfer power to the owners (Eritrean people) I spit him out. For your “but it takes longer time to build a country” argument pls see my follow up post on this page.

  4. John

    hahahahah do you think people are ignorant and don’t know history. Let me see gee i thought more than half of eritreans advocating for the union of eritrea and ethiopia at that time you are claiming the british handed over to the king. hahahahah this must be the politics of shabia. so get over it and now eritrea is free why you still blaming every one for your failure. i guess the problem was not eritrea been under the primitive ethiopian what ever you call it but the mind that was destroyed by the italian coloniser who thaught you to think you better than the country men in ethiopia who were still in the tyranny. If you fought and preached that you equal to the primitive ethiopians and achieved a democratic nation whether eritrea been new country or still with ethiopia and you could have better democracy by now but you are thaught to hate and you still hating every one for your failures but most of us have learned that ethiopia wasn’t our problem but tyranny was and it still is !!!! Death to tyranny

  5. Gebreselema

    Why Eritreans see themselves always as victim and blame everyone? Shame, man, ask yourself what is wrong with your way of thinking. You blame Ethiopians past, present, and you blame every country? This is a sickness which you can not even cure. This is the legacy of colonialism. A patient can not diagonize himself and he must see a doctor to know his illness. It is unfortune, but our cousins were abused by Italian and that is what is making them like this. Leave alone Ethiopia now, we love you but because of your colonial mind, there is nothing we can do. It is over and we do not even want to talk about you now. you have your country and stay there. Leave us alone. Please, we need to live in peace now. Leave us alone.

    1. Pro Eri

      So what are you doing here if you don’t want to talk about us? Wedi lemanit!

  6. Tesfu Kbrom

    These days no one is a fool. You can write anything you like biede mariam or bide seytan whatever your name maybe, but chauvinism alone does not kae you a truthful man. Yopu must talk in concrete facts not only write an outdated and a stupid article praising the dictator and the regime. I only stand with you that the Eritrean people are victims but not because of outsiders, it is because of the brutal dictator. If you do not clean your house of course it will be the playground for fleas, lice and bedbugs! Finish! So, mend your house and fences and then talk. Isayas’s focus is the destruction of Eritrea, so how do you think Eritrea will stand as a nation? He and his clique are doing this ina premeditated way, otherwise you do not have to be a genius to lead a small nation like Eritrea. But, as a man living in America and still a servant of the regime! I can not understand it!

    1. Eritrawit


      You have a mind that is a size of a peanut. If I were you, you should hide not get exposed this way.

  7. Bullo

    Eritrea should stop running its mouth wild against the neighboring countries, and especially with one whose economy and population is 20 folds bigger and still growing: Ethiopia. Eritrea’s economy will be weaker and unsustainable (even if growing) as long as it is in diplomatic and political tangle with an influential neighbor. If it was smart, it should drop whatever precondition it is setting for the border conflict and negotiate to reopen its once burgeoning and now abandoned ports in the Red Sea… Eritrea could rip billions from cargo transport that Djibouti is fully entitled now. If Ethiopia and Djibouti are strongly integrated (or in some way united, like ‘monetary unity’) then there will little, if any, motivation for Ethiopia to engage with Eritrea anymore. Current infrastructure investments on Tadjoura and Djibouti ports and the railway lines from Ethiopia clearly shows that trend…And Eritreans should wake up and play a mature diplomatic and strategic game for once. Ethiopians don’t go to Djibouti for tourism purposes…yet I am sure that if Assab and Massawa were open, they will spend their weekends in Eritrea…and that alone should have been a gold mine for the Eritrean economy. Alas! It seems that the bright and visionary Eritreans I knew in literature are born once in blue moons!

    1. Pro Eri

      First of all, we Eritreans do not compromise our integrity for money.

      Obviously you watched too much ethio tv, I can tell by the size of your brain. You think you are an economist? Eritrea’s income doesn’t come from ports, may be a fraction might. Eritrea has many many resources it can exploit, but first we must lay the foundation, that’s where we are now and despite all the hostilities and embargos we are marching. Can you imagine where Ethiopia would be without aid? and sanctions and hostilities on top? with 97% of their expenses paid, they are still struggling to keep the country together. Now imagine where Eritrea would have been without the obstacles placed upon her? Its very unfortunate that our neighbours are prostitutes and no doubt we are adversely affected by their behaviour and threatened by their pimp. One thing is for sure…we will make it!

  8. Samuel

    Alem is disillusioned and used this platform for unnecessary ballyhoo. Amanuel wrote a brilliant article that described the global political illness and injustices to countries whom do not abide the policies of the ‘Washington consensus’, are being punished or isolated from the political global community. Alem’s argument is contrary to the reality of Africa’s poor growth development, the persistent flow of aid to Africa over the last 6 decades has inflicted heavy damages which cannot be easily repaired. Over the last 60 years almost a trillion of dollars has been poured into Africa, and yet growth is decreasing. As a result of aid related economic policies, instead of economic growth, the situation in many African countries is worse than 30 years ago. Between 1984 and 2002 the number of poor people has increased at an alarming rate, while life expectancy has stagnated or decreased. In many African countries life expectancy is below 50 years, which shows that aid could not move Africa forward. This negative trend is visible in many areas, like lack of clean water, bad sanitation systems, and ineffective health facilities which are concentrated in few cities, the building up of slums and the break up of social ties, increasing illiteracy rate and so on.

    1. Alem

      No my friend the reason we are isolated from the rest of the world is his bullying arrogance and his failed policies in every sector of running a country.
      My friend what our Eritrea need is a an ELECTED government by the people surrounded by expertise specializing in different fields, fully empowered and supported by its people. What we have is a tyrant who is trying to be everything, a doctor, treasurer, educator, economist, engineer, president and much more and in realty he is good on NONE of it. (he should try farming).
      I know some of you say “how can we have an elected government and constitution while we are at border war”. The fact is with this tyrant and his criminal group in power our people will never unite and the rest of the world will never respect us and our border issue will be in limbo for ever. Look this tyrant and his delusional demo gags were supposed to be in power temporarily (a year or two max) then transfer power to an elected government which can draft policies to restore not only our border but restore our country in whole.
      A government with a priority of protecting our primary asset OUR PEOPEL. A government which lays a foundation for innovation , solid education, and preparing the path so our country can compete with the rest of the world.
      Tell me my friend how do you create a vibrant and prosperous country if you divide and destroy your main asset your treasure (OUR PEOPEL). Is it by throwing thousands of our bright innovators and leaders in jail, or is it by enslaving our new generation for worthless causes for endless years in the name of AGELGLOT. No my friend that has been tried and failed miserably in NORTH KOREA, CAMBODIA, BURMA, CUBA, RUSSIA, EAST GERMANY and VENEZUELA. My friend you can NOT run a company with a failed leadership, you can not win games in a sports team with failed coaching staff and definitely you can NOT transform a country with a failed temporary UNELECTED leadership.
      If a company is not performing well and not growing (BY RETAINING TALENT) its chance of survival is slim. Its leadership can blame the stale or lose on the competition (NEIGHBOUR), or the economy or the weather but in realty the company need a visionary leadership which finds a way to sustain and lay a foundation for a future growth even during the storm. The stoke holders would put pressure on the leadership to resign or fire the leadership and replace it with a long term visionary.
      We Eritrean people are the stake holders in our country and we need to put relentless pressure so the IDIOT ISAYAS and his criminal enterprise resign or get fired. 23 years is way way overdue. By now we would have our fifth election if it was not for the dysfunctional tyrant. Watch a short movie on you tube “THE WAVE”.
      By the way our heroic sisters and brothers like ELSA, MERON, SELAM MUSE and so many more who got their pictures posted by the tyrant they are their brothers keepers, they said NO to tyranny and NO to dictatorship and it is an honor to be called traitors by the dictator.

      1. Pro Eri

        The reason Eritrea is isolated is, she refused to fall in line with Uncle Sam’s plan for Africa. Eritrea says we are the masters of our destiny. Eritrea says no to neo-colonialism. Eritrea will not give up its right for leftover. Eritrea will not buy fancy invitations and empty words…nah…ain’t nobody got time for that! All those African nations who are invited probably paid billions just to be seen standing next to Obama at the white house…oh nice photo…get their egos massaged and sign up contracts worth billions of dollars in exchange for rotten wheat US farmers couldn’t sell.

        1. alem

          Yes we Eritreans believe we are the masters of our destiny and we are determined to reclaim our hijacked freedom and retake our country,but on the other hand we have a master of slavery and a master of destruction on hand and he needs to GO. It is not the outside world hampering our progress and our freedom, rather it is the dictator killer creating a mess in our country. We Eritreans are smart people we can do a lot better than this, and we deserve better. Isayas is a murderer and clueless maniac putting our people and our country in unparalleled mess, we need to rise up (including you) and reclaim our country.

  9. Muler

    Some people seem to be obsessed with President Issaias. He is just one person who played an important role in liberating Eritrea. His vision and leadership would have not worked if the Eritrean people did not share the same vision. So, get over it.

    The bottom line is that Eritrea is a country with a very unique history, compared to every African country. By the very nature of it’s creation as a nation, it will have few friends, unless it succumbs to the Donor-Slave system that the West has established for Africa. Being a new nation and based on its experience, it can not afford the mistakes other African countries made. Do not be a beggar. If you can not feed yourself and are not willing to work hard, no one else will for you. Just look at this

  10. azeb

    i have read everything , all the comments and everything.alot of you dont know what your saying.if you want to talk trash about eritrea and issaac go ahead yourself and see.Our freedom was not free, we payed a price and errand it .

  11. Alem

    Eritrea deserves a better leadership with good policies and transparent and accountable government to its people. My Eritrean brothers and sisters this is not about emotion but about the reality in Eritrea. I lived in my beloved Eritrea when it was under the colony of Ethiopia ruled by king of red terror Mengstu Hailemariam. He was ruthless and a murderer. Our defiance and UNITY overthrew that maniac and got our freedom and not only that we liberated our neighbor Ethiopia. All of us Eritreans and the rest of the world thought our determination, our hard working attitude and discipline would bring Eritrea from its war torn state into a vibrant democratic nation. Instead ISAYAS and his criminal thugs they had different agenda. They transformed our country from mediocre state into hell on earth. Thousands of our brothers and sisters are in jail, our economy is a failure, no political freedom, no elected government and no reform on sight.
    The junta in Asmara made it its priority to lie and manipulate our people (it seems some of you fall for it) through its media (ERI TV) and radio, and blame all outside forces including the wind and rain for the failure of our country. Listen to Amanuel Mahdere and others interview who were Eritrean journalist for several years to learn the facts. The realty is we have an unelected junta in power with no knowledge or desire of building a nation. ISAYAS and his criminal thugs even though they are running out of time they will try to manipulate and divide us in every possible way so they stay in power.
    Some of you my brothers and sisters think it takes more than 23 years to build a nation, and YES you are correct but it doe NOT take 23 years to lay down a great foundation which will sustain the country for years to come. I am talking about democracy, constitution, personal freedom, tolerance and accepting diversity. With out those we are heading no where, it is like laying our foundation on sand.
    One of my professors once said jokingly “Fake joy is better than real depression” and I do agree with that because momentarily with an effort that fake joy would evolve into real joy whereas the end of a real depression can be death. What I am saying is we say all kind of things and make noise to discredit the election in other African countries, and the democracy in the western world, but in realty we don’t have neither. NO democracy, NO election, NO constitution, NO tolerance and NO government and I would rather have the so called (as per the tyrant definition) fake democracy, fake election and fake freedom than NONE.

    ISAYAS is the doctor, the Engineer, the architect, the economist, chief of staff, foreign minister, treasurer, and funny enough president too that is why our country is in the condition the way it is now trailing every nation including Somalia.
    Leadership is having the knowledge to assign the right people qualified in the field to do the job right and providing them your support.
    The right place for Isayas would be to transfer power to the right owners (Eritrean people) and retire with his shame. After that some of you my brothers it is ok for you to celebrate him as your hero.(IDI AMIN has his admirers too)

    NEWS- Isayas after being rejected by his people and the rest of the world he is trying very hard to bring the Russians to save his tyranny like Assad of Syria.

  12. Some of us in the United States who are from Eritrea and support the Eritrean people and their right to self-determination are launching a campaign in the U.S. to let President Barak Obama, the U.S. State Department and members of the U.S. Congress know that it is time to stop the isolation and exclusion of Eritrea. If you would like to follow our efforts, I invite you to visit and where we will be posting updates in the weeks ahead. Twitter: @samuelmahaffy.

    1. Pro Eri

      Eritrea doesn’t need petition. Eritrea doesn’t need inclusion in Evil plan for Africa. Have you noticed that those nations who are outspoken against the US are the ones who are not invited. Why don’t you go and tell the US to practice what it preaches? Nations have the right to protect their interests. If they don’t agree with the US, then they have the right to speak out.

  13. amanuel

    Mr Amanuel Biedemariam i think your brain needs help.

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