Eritrea: The Notions of “Opponents” and Its Entrapped Implications

NAIROBI (HAN) February 24, 2016 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. By Yosief Abraham Z Intensive but undifferentiated brands of the alleged “opponents”, as I have been following, are founded on defaming the government, fabricating vilification campaign for shallow aims and advocating for misguided options.

In fact, for me, I like the opponents who would do their opposition in the following way. To depict this, I have opted Gash-Barka region as a bench-mark for my stances.

1) I like those who acknowledge the details of their country treasures and of its historical paths it had and has. And undeniably, they have the ability to examine the cross-roads of challenges and opportunities we have.

Like those citizens in fact know that over 70% from the 398 schools which are constructed after independence in the Gash Barka region hasn’t any access to libraries. And exerting your transforming efforts to equip them with preliminary accessories to library and laboratories is, indeed, encouraging.

But doing this, for the “opponents” is a sign of vehement supporting to the Government. In fact, as subject of their defamation, it is not Eritrean government officials who are going to study in the schools, but our small brothers and sisters.

2) For accelerating socio-economic and other transforming programs in the region, the government remained prolific in asphalting about 259 km and in paving 1,834 km of gravel roads. Still, the efforts to armor smooth transportation facilities have many unaccomplished activities.

Calling the “opponents” to help and involve in constructing the remained parts of the activities is an insult for he is told by his masters that some of these roads are serving in reinforcing the government revenues from places like Bisha. Thus, he choose to abscond golden times that could have spent in cooperating for greater opportunities and national benefits.

3) Looking from accountancy terms, the government budget in refunding boarding schools which are functioning actively to engrave the forces of illiteracy deep is not easily expressible. For winning over distance and environmental hurdles, the government established three boarding schools in Aqurdet, Forto and Gogne, and have been streaming hundreds millions of Nakfa towards them.

Stemmed from this, thousand nationals who were under the seizure of ignorance during the colonizers-era are benefiting from the educational fountains. Inviting the ‘opponents” to involve in helping the Ministry of Education in facilitating basic requirements for ensuring regular water supply has another notion. Thus, the “opponents” have to wait other times to create new, unsubstantiated and schizophrenic elaborations about Sawa, where these students follow their 12th grade.

4) Expanding modern facilities require mass expenditures, and undeniably, well-educated citizens can only guarantee the nation from vulnerable havens and bubble economies. In the Gash-Barka region as instance, 08 and mobile coded system telephone services are available in the entire region. To guarantee this, however, professionals need to cooperate with the responsible body for it is challenging to go side-to-side with every technological advancement. The alleged “opponents” mind is still compromised by their short-sighted stances which attempts to correlate every developmental milieu as “mere” activity used for the advantages of members of the country’s leadership.

5) The population of Gash-Barka is estimated at 716,900, and to remain prolific in the securing food battles, the government built tens strategic dams, embracing to Gereset, Fanko Tsimue, Fanko Rawi, Bademit and Alighider, among others.

To transform the heralds of the construction of those dams into purposeful national treasures, it needs experts who shall consult on the significance of cash-crops in augmenting individual as well as national revenues, among others. Opening your heart immaculately is somehow misguiding to the “opponents” as founders of their squads told them that they were built by ‘enslaved youth’ for the purpose of the government.

6) After independence, the tiara of development in the Gash-Barka region is appealing and endorses the capabilities of Eritreans to develop their country when opportunities came in their altruistic spirit. In the health sector, therefore, there is one referral hospital in Barentu, two hospitals in Aqordat and Tesseney, 16 health centers, 55 health stations, 17 health posts, 3 private clinics, 78 rural drug vendors, 2 government and 3 private pharmacies.

To excel the boundary of health facilitations, then, nationals expect to cooperate in resolving such shortages in having modern equipment, hurdles for training health professionals at full scale and other similar genuine activities. In fact, the “opponents” are no longer there to do this as they have been inculcated with the mediocrity of that “every action in the country became true by the leadership and for the leadership.”

And with their easily entrapped inclinations to found their “opposition” stances, it is always better to consider from wide perspectives for it is not justifiable to brand yourself “opponent” for you have impaired ideologies.

In fact, it is better and worth to put a drop act of generosity for Eritrean people than consuming their valuable time in incubating narrow “anti” notions.



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One response to “Eritrea: The Notions of “Opponents” and Its Entrapped Implications”

  1. Jim

    “Opening your heart immaculately is somehow misguiding to the “opponents” as founders of their squads told them that they were built by ‘enslaved youth’ for the purpose of the government.”
    Are you looking for blind faith from “opponent”? The government has built a few hundred prisons throughout the country where thousands of citizens languish in horrendous conditions. Do you want the “opponent” to support improvement of prison conditions also. What you missed from the get go is that the “government” is a dictatorship accountable to no-one. The “government” is illegitimate, unelected, and rules without the consent of the people. The constitution has been suspended, abolished by the illegitimate government. Go look for blind worshippers who cheer for tyranny and slave labor from the diaspora living in the comfortable, free and democratic West.

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