Eritrea: The Mediterranean route is extremely treacherous

Tripoli (HAN) February 16, 2015 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Humanitarian news. The Eritrean opposition leader warned that Asmara is at a crossroads between “Humanitarian crisis and youth Disintegration,” while U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned, “Eritrea youth influx has tripled compared with last year”. The   22 per cent of the people arriving by boat in to Europe are Eritrean youth. The Eritrean opposition leader in Khartoum told to the press that the country is “collapsing before our young Eritrean youth tested any future.”

In Sudan, UNHCR has also been witnessing a marked increase of Eritreans  arrivals since last year. UNHCR Official noted that more than 10,700 Eritreans have sought refuge in Sudan, an average of more than 1,000 arrivals per month in 2015.

Last week, hundreds people are missing and feared dead after attempting to reach Italy from Libya in stormy weather this week, the U.N. refugee agency said on Wednesday after speaking to a handful of survivors.

An Italian tugboat rescued nine people who had been on two different boats on Monday and brought them to the Italian island of Lampedusa on Wednesday morning.
Every year, thousands of migrants fleeing war, famine or poverty in Africa and the Middle East attempt to reach the shores of Europe. But the route through the Mediterranean is extremely treacherous.

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3 Responses to “Eritrea: The Mediterranean route is extremely treacherous”

  1. Alem K.

    Because of unelected cold blooded heartless regime our little brothers and sisters are perishing in the desert and in the ocean, they are getting raped tortures and their organ is harvested like a spare part and sold to the highest bidder and we are still silent.

    Time is running out on our innocent brothers and sisters decaying in the dungeons of the heartless criminal regime and we are still silent.

    Our patriarch, our father abune Antonio’s is decaying in silence and in jail and we are still silent.

  2. Alem K.

    Eritrea: Human Rights Watch 2014 (posted on Jan 23rd 2014 by Samuel N.)

    “Eritrea is among the most closed countries in the world; human rights conditions remain dismal….

    Eritrea has no constitution, functioning legislature, independent judiciary, elections, independent press, or nongovernmental organizations; it does not hold elections. All power is concentrated in the hands of President Isaias Afewerki, in office since 1991.

    … Eritrea conscripts all men and unmarried women into “national service.” … most conscripts serve for much of their working lives.

    … Since mid-2012, all men in their 50s, 60s, and 70s are compelled to perform militia duty…

    Thousands of ordinary citizens are arrested and incarcerated without charge, trial, or opportunity to appeal, and without access to family, lawyers, or independent prison monitoring organizations. While some are freed without explanation and warned not to speak about their detention, most prisoners remain in jail indefinitely.

    … Since 2002, the government has jailed and physically abused citizens for practicing religions other than the four government-controlled or recognized religions.

    … The government maintains a complete monopoly on domestic sources of information”

    Because of a cold blooded heartless junta led by a criminal thug ISAYAS AFEWORKI our Eritrea is falling apart whereas him and his criminal gangsters are stealing our treasure and saving it in China, Swiss and other banks, I guess they are planning to use it after life when they are burning in hell. What this criminals forgot is that they got their all inclusive, fully paid one way ticket to hell. Their heartless nature and blood drenched life earned them first class ticket to HELL.

  3. RealEri

    Why not talk about Ethiopia who has 100K people crossing the sea to go to Yemen, or the fact that at least half asylum seekers are Ethiopians who claim to be Eritrean or the fact that there is a huge pull factor for Eritreans and non-Eritreans to claim Eritrean ID due to lax immigration politicies in the west,
    And why not mention Libya, who has seen 1/3 of its population flee the Country?
    If you want to shed crocodile tears about our poor brothers and sisters, why not just let them fly to Europe or anywhere in the world for the standard market price of flying out of Sudan or Libya or whichever Country they currently find themselves stuck in?

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