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Eritrea: The funeral service of EPLF Legend Gen. Gebrehiwet Zemichael

Asmara (HAN) January 18, 2015- Public diplomacy and Regional safety and security News. The funeral service of veteran fighter Brig. General Gebrehiwet Zemichael(Wedi-Liqe) was conducted with zeal at Asmara Patriots Cemetery in the presence of President Isaias Afwerki, senior PFDJ and Government officials, religious leaders and thousands of the citizens and members of the Eritrean army with EPLF vetern freadom fighters 1970s -1990s.

ERiTREAN-TV Funeral Service of Eritrean Brig. General Gebrehiwet


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6 Responses to “Eritrea: The funeral service of EPLF Legend Gen. Gebrehiwet Zemichael”

  1. Alem K.

    It is very amazing all of a sudden several well decorated individuals of the criminal junta of ISAYAS AFEWORKI are dying left and right. My dear brothers and sisters Lets examine individually who this people were and what they represented back during our liberation struggle, and what they transformed into and who they became after our independence.
    It is unfortunate and shame some of them sold their souls and became corrupt criminals and brought grief and agony to our people, and became conspirators to throw their bunker buddies into dungeons. Where as some of them didn’t get corrupted and refused to bow down to tyranny and refused to be intimidated by the criminal dictator ISAYAS AFEWORKI and refused to join the crime spree, theft, prostitution, murder and human right abuse.
    I wonder how many of them died because of natural causes, and how many of them got murdered by poisoning, orchestrated car ACCIDENT, chocking, suicide, alcohol poisoning, bullet wounds.
    It is a matter of time like everything else it will come out. I wonder and it seems, if this is one of the murderer ISAYAS AFEWORKIS expedited purging and substitution of HGDEF leadership by his DMHIT body guards. ( Too many deaths in a the past two years). I wonder who will be next? would it be Yemane monkey died because of car accident, Hagos kasha died because of natural causes, Sebhat Efrem took his own life or ISAYAS got killed by his body guard.
    Which ever comes first it will put us a step closer to freedom.
    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea

  2. Alem K.

    We Eritreans, as a society we honor, respect and talk a lot about our fallen heroes, our heroes those who gave up everything they had, including their precious life for our sake, so we live independent and free , they died so we can be free and live dignified life. We praise them with songs and raise funds to support their family, and definitely if we had the power we would do everything to raise them from their graves and embrace them as our heroes.
    Shamefully though we FORGOT to honor, respect and protect those who did everything for our liberation but who were fortunate enough to make it alive. They were there on the mountains, valleys, villages and cities day and night 24/7, summer and winter, freezing cold and scorching hot weather, fighting, teaching, planning, and sometimes carrying and burying their fallen comrades not because they were adventurers but because they refused their Eritrean people and their country be ruled by a foreign colonizer. They refused colony, refused foreign occupier and chose to restore freedom and independence for generations to come. They gave up everything and sacrificed their prime time with a motto of “everything can wait but not our people and our country” and hunger thirst, harsh weather didn’t deter them, flying bullets and fire didn’t stop them and they fought and fought and they concurred our independence.
    It is agonizing and painful to see hundreds of our UNFALLEN HEROES, their dignity and freedom striped away and taken away from them, the freedom and independence they helped to secure for us but denied to them, black mailed and thrown into a dungeon like a common criminals, by a heartless and ruthless criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his gangsters. Shamefully as a society we failed to defend them and protect them when they need us the most. SHAME ON US ERITREA.
    They were supposed to be celebrated, decorated, adorned with love and respect for all their sacrifice but instead they got black mailed, their good name tarnished, and thrown into dungeons by unelected, self appointed RUTHLESS criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his gangsters. It is shame they were bunker buddies.
    BITEWEDED ABRHA is one of those, our UNFALLEN HEROES, who sacrificed everything he had and more for our independence. When he watched our Eritrea sliding into tyranny and dictatorship, steered away by a criminal thug into a wrong direction, unlike some who chose to be silent, he refused to be silent, and even though he had the option to run away like everybody else, he refused to runaway to secure his individual freedom but instead chose to face the criminal tyrant ISAYAS AFEWORKI head on. Uncharged for any crime by the criminal regime but mainly because of our silence, our brother our HERO (ANBESA TEGADALAY) our beloved BITEWEDED ABRHA is decaying on a dungeon like a common criminal on the hands of the murderer ISAYAS AFEWORKI and criminal regime. IT IS SHAME ERITREA.
    My Eritrean sisters and brothers lets do what ever it takes to free our heroes and liberate our people and country.
    Everything you do matters, don’t forget when you go to festivals and parties organized by the criminal regime, don’t forget you are financing crime against our brothers and sisters, you are financing torture, you are financing killing.

  3. dooms day for shaebia

    shaebia is becoming history day by day. The criminal syndicate is decaying and its sudden collapse is inevitable. Isaias Afewerki the murderer, your name will be remembered by future generations as someone who is responsible for the murder, displacement and poverty suffered by Eritreans of the 21st century.

  4. Alem K.

    The murderer ISAYAS AFEWORKI is a very unique psychopath , it seems he gets gratification watching his murder victims getting buried. I guess he wants to make sure that their cemetery dug a lot more deeper than the standard height so there is no chance of them coming out.

    My Eritrean brothers try to count the number of dead officials of the criminal unelected regime in 2013 and 2014, they are way too many, and lets not be fools this guys are NOT dead because of natural causes or car accidents or EBOLA, NO my brothers this guys are purged out by the cannibal cold blooded murderer ISAYAS AFEWORKI.

    Some of them finally decided to oppose the atrocity against our people, and some of them refused to accept the killing of our constitution, and of course one by one they are getting slaughtered by the murderer ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his dogs like SAMUEL SELTENE.

    It is Time to stop running away from home and it is time to head home and clean and disinfect our land.
    We need to get rid of ISAYAS and his criminal thugs.
    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea .
    We will never forget our fallen hero’s including those murdered by HGDEF (Eritrean NAZI party).
    We will never forget our prisoners who are decaying in prison, JEGANU like BITEWEDED ABRHA and many more.
    MOT to the cannibal cold blooded murderers and criminal thugs.
    Lets go back and clean out our house.

  5. Oh my God, Alem K. You are the only one bragging bla bla bla about Eritrea and its armed struggle for independence. Do you know why though. Its because we all know about it very much so, even our arch enemies, the Ethiopians. You Been too emotional. If you wanna do something real about it, well you know what they say, INoho Meda, Inoho Feres. Hit the road Jack to Eritrea were the situation is. You have trenched yourself in whatever foreign country you are in and try to push someone else over the cliff. Niay n’tsiwas Abloketa. I’m not here to comment about what you have said against or in support of your ’emotional appeals’. but I will say this though. Don’t dignify our people and country for the sake of political or social rhetoric. We, Eritreans what ever political view we may hold, definitely we do not want to see engaged into degrading, or insulting political or social talks specially against each others. Good or bad times come and go, just ask professor History. But Your demeaning and shameful words against your own people will hunt you down for the rest of your life where ever that may be. Here is my suggestion for you though; Please forward whatever constructive and conciliatory ideas you may have if ever. That would help a bit to fix the current dire situation in Our Beloved Homeland, Eritrea. Remember, its easy to say negative things or to destroy anything but hard to build it. Alem K we love you regardless of your emotional “talk”. How about that. God Bless you and our country. Never give a chance to our enemies to say a word against us. Don’t forget that they are day dreaming to see us kill each other so that they can grape the Land and Sea of our Homeland.

  6. Alem K

    Any appeasement of tyranny is treason.
    – William Allen White

    How can you not get upset and hurt when our people are going through agony and torture? and how can you not feel their pain when they are going through atrocious tyranny and torment. I guess you didn’t get one of those dreadful ransom calls from Sinai Desert or Egypt and most probably you might not be related to any of those 366 precious Eritrean souls perished in Lampadusa. May be you don’t have a brother or sister, decaying with our jailed journalists, G-15 or any of the thousand innocent Eritreans decaying in jail, or is it because you think their imprisonment is justified? (Give it time if you are Eritrean it will knock your door very soon)
    My friend it is our silence and your kind of failed thinking ” Good or bad times come and go, just ask professor History”……… that kept the criminal dictator in power, unchallenged for 24 agonizing years.
    Time is up and join me and lets end tyranny, dictatorship, slavery, torture, killing, arresting innocent people, torture and theft by any means necessary.
    I could keep on and on going, but I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said.

    The great civil right movement leader Martin Luther King Jr. once said ” The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.

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