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Eritrea: Students’ Enrollment Increases

Asmara February 22, 2016 – Public Diplomacy and Regional Stability Initiatives News. The head of Administration and Finance of Adi-Keih sub-zone, Mr. Idris Hassan, indicated that the solid relationship between parents and teachers has resulted in the increase of students’ school enrollment. He made the comment at a meeting conducted in Adi-Keih.

He further said that thanks to the integrated efforts, there were no school dropouts due to residing a long distance from schools.

He also said that public’s assistance for teachers had made a significant contribution in the teaching and learning process.

During the meeting, Mr. Idris also commended the active participation of the public in the soil and water conservation programs, building of terraces, preparing of land for cultivation, as well as the renovation of roads. Additionally, he indicated that sustainable vaccination programs have been conducted to ensure the health of livestock in the sub-zone.

The work manager of the region, Mr. Habte Kidane, explained that the further renovation of roads, as well as soil and water conservation programs, and planting of tree seedlings are activities planned for the upcoming year.




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