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Eritrea: Security campaign bridging the wider gap between Muslims and Christians

Khartoum (HAN) September 21, 2014 – Defense and National security news. By. Abdinur Nur Hussein.  Eritrean scholars are still continue to agitate for the implementation of the constitution, the release of political prisoners, journalists, religious groups that are languishing in prison camps without any due process of the law. Professor Araya Debessay and Professor Kiflai were trying for the last three decades to foster better understanding between Eritrea’s Christian minority and the Eritrea’s Muslim majority in the country, not the Diaspora.

In Eritrea Christians make up about 32 percent of Eritrea’s 8 million approximately , but the secular Orthodox Christian government of Isyas Afwerki ensures they are well represented in government and have access to the major and important jobs in Eritrea.

“Many Eritrean Muslim feel very bad about what they see as the oppression of the current leadership of security, police and military – its empowering christian cultural and financial pressure as well as Afwerki’s  long-term power strategy to undermine Muslim refugees in Sudan and Gulf-States. So there’s a situation of tension.”

The Commander of the Eritrean Police Force, Col. Mehari Tsegai

Because of regional tension and Briding the gap, the Commander of the Eritrean Police Force, Col. Mehari Tsegai, has called on religious leaders to play active role in nurturing and keeping intact the nation’s cultural values. He made the call at a meeting conducted in the Central region’s administration Hall in which over 150 religious leaders took part.

Col. Mehari explained that the meeting is aimed at nurturing a law-abiding society and the supremacy of the rule of law. Moreover, he called on the religious leaders to enhance role towards upgrading the awareness of the faithful as regards prevention of crime instances.

The dominance of Tigrinya speaking Christians and their in­volvement in the various sectors of community-based, orga­nizational activities representing Eritreans in Los Angeles, if not throughout the United States, make it appear as though Eritrea is a homogenous country composed predominantly of Tigrinya-speaking Christians (Woldemikael 1996; Hepner 2003).

Accordingly, the Government is exerting persistent efforts pertaining to the prevalence of peace and stability, Col. Mehari elaborated. He also stated that promotional activities in progress have borne commendable outcome. The Commander further urged communities to step up collaboration with the Police Force regarding crime prevention.

The participants of the meeting expressed satisfaction with the initiative, and expressed readiness to sustain input towards the realization of the set objectives.

Photo: President Isaias Afewerki with President Museveni: promoting Eritrean Christianity is the only traditional dish in Eritrea


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One response to “Eritrea: Security campaign bridging the wider gap between Muslims and Christians”

  1. Alem

    Don’t fall in the traps of the criminal tyrant ISAYAS AFEWORKI. What kept him in power this long is his “divide and rule strategy” and it perfectly worked out for him. He used it during gedli era for his own advantage, for the sole purpose of staying in power and to quash any kind of treat. He made sure the leaders of EPLF do not thrust each other and actually watch each other with suspicion. He had spies following every leader and he had spies spying on the spies. ISAYAS is a paranoid despicable criminal not a hero who doesn’t even thrust his own shadow. He used our geographical division and our different religions in Eritrea (awrajatat) as an instrument to divide us and create diversion so we don’t focus on the biggest task of implementing our constitution and our democracy. Eritrea is one of the few countries where you see people of different faiths leave in harmony and respect for each other. Mosque, church, and other worship centers built side by side and people from all faiths attending funerals, weddings, and schools together with harmony.
    Our diversity is what make us unique and beautiful and it should be the foundation of our country and our strength.
    In the criminal juntas ideology having a different idea is a crime, having a different religion is unacceptable and you will end up dead or in jail.
    We are a very small nation adorned by diverse ethnic groups, different languages, different cultures, diverse religions, and diverse skin colors with utmost respect for each other and we should rally together to get rid of the criminal junta of ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his criminal stooges so we implement our constitution which allows diverse ideologies (YES DIFFERENT THAN THE CRIMINAL ISAYAS), allows multi party system and allows intellectuals with better ideas become leaders of the country. (you have my permission to repost it)
    Awetn selamn nhzbi ERITREA
    Smerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wedi hager

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