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Eritrea: Safeguarding the people’s dignity for Generations

Asmara (HAN) June 25, 2014 – The Eritrean residents of Adi-Quala have called on pertinent bodies to bequeath the Eritrean resolve witnessed in battle engagements in the days of the armed struggle for independence and safeguarding the nation’s dignity to generations.

They made the call in connection with a tour they made of Adi-Begio historic trenches during which the residents noted the vitality of nurturing the culture and values of the Eritrean society to the young generation.

The residents of the town were accorded briefings by Lt. Colonel Tikabo Sium, as regards the challenging moment endured by members of the Eritrean Defense Forces and fellow citizens in the trenches vis-à-vis their steadfastness and dedication.

The participants of the tour expressed satisfaction with the exposure and called for organizing similar tour.



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One response to “Eritrea: Safeguarding the people’s dignity for Generations”

  1. Yirgalem

    Yadessa. Which Eritrea are you talking about? You Ethiopians in general and Your ethnic Group ( as your name shows) in particular have always been a Source of military recruits during the 30 years war and the second Eritro-Ethiopian war. What the hell are you trying to do for the Third time. Being Source of recruits for Esayas Afeworki. We have heard that his relative the TPDM have begun defending the dictator from any attack from the indegenous People. The world Wonders what the oldest organization in East Africa OLF is doing more than drinking Cappucino in Godena Harnet…

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