Eritrea reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthening climate resilience

New York  (HAN)September 26, 2014, Public Diplomacy and Climate summit news. The Eritrean Foreign Minister,  Osman Saleh has underlined that the issue of climate change requires global solution and domestic initiative.



Distinguished Delegates and colleagues,

At the outset, let me take this opportunity to welcome the initiative of H.E. Mr. Ban Kimoon, Secretary General of the United Nations, to hold UN Climate Summit as part of the UN strategy to advance climate action for an ambitious global agreement in 2015 in Paris. This is an important occasion for countries and stakeholders to make bold commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emission (GHG) and tackle important global issues.

Eritrea, as a country located in the Sahel belt recognizes the ramification of inactions at a time when humanity is witnessing extreme destructive weather condition as a result of increased carbon emission and climate change. Eritrea contributes almost nothing to the green house effect, yet along with other countries in Africa, Least Developed Countries and small island states, suffers the most from the adverse effects of climate change, posing more bottle necks to its developmental efforts, including the attainment of food security and alleviation of poverty.

Eritrea has been working on forward looking actions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen climate resilience. These actions are framed around the elements of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP), including mitigation, adaptation, finance, technology, capacity building and transparency.

These actions include, preparation and submission of the National Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAS); preparation and implementation of National Adaptation Programms of Action (NAPA; and embarking assessments of barriers and needs of finance and technology.

Climate change requires global solution and local actions. Eritrea, within its means and resources, has been mobilizing grass root communities, women, students, the army, civil society organizations and religious leaders to actively work on environmental restoration, such as soil and water conservation, afforestation, smart agriculture and proper utilization of natural resources. Additionally, innovative energy efficient stoves have been invented and introduced, and more investment are made on renewable energy as a commitment of the government to sustainable development.

Eritrean Minister calls on farmers to reinforce soil and water conservation undertakings:

Distinguished Delegates and colleagues,

Given the time constraint, let me conclude by highlighting the following elements:

*Climate change must be addressed with a sense of urgency that it deserves;

*Developed state parties, the private sector and civil society must take into account the special circumstances of vulnerable countries, particularly Africa, the least developed countries(LDCs), and small island states in their effort to promote ambitious and nationally determined contributions to the global agreement  by 2015;

*The new global agreement to be concluded in Paris must be ambitious and meaningful.

Thank you Co-chairs


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4 Responses to “Eritrea reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthening climate resilience”

  1. Alem

    Oh now I know why the dictator is leading us back to the dark stone ages, it is to control the green house emission. That is why most of the Eritrean cities including Asmara are in the dark.
    Mr. dictator due to your failed policies and your “I know it all” of arrogance and ignorance you got 90% of the factories in a stand still status, not churning production and not producing emission either so green house effect should be your last worries.

    Anbesa youngsters, we need to rise up and overthrow this drug addict dictator.

    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea and fast down fall to the tyrant.

  2. Tesfay Asmorom


    You are on the ball. The dictator should be praised for almost 100% reduction of green house gas emission by closing factories, stopping benzin and naphtha flow, turning off the lights in the country.

    Yes, rise up, rise up and be proud again….get rid of that tyrant lunatic and his cronies, his ambassadors and “ministers”. What a joke ….. these guys going to the UN and having any words to say. Shame.

    1. Alem

      Thank you Tesfay for not being silent. It is unfortunate a lot of our Eritrean brothers and sisters forgot that their silence is empowering the dictator. When we are NOT saying, writing, or doing anything, in a sense we are endorsing the dictators actions. Hong Kong fighting for their democracy, Brazilians are going to the polls to elect their next president, Scotland decided on the future of their country, even Venezuela and Burma casted their votes, United states residents are getting to vote in November election, People around the world making decisions on local and national issues by casing their ballots whereas in ERITREA, CUBA,NORTH KOREA and few other countries no vote, no freedom, no constitution, no peace and the fate of the people and the countries are decided by very few criminal dictators.
      I guess we Eritreans as per the tyrant……we are not ready for democracy? not ready for freedom? not ready for constitution? not smart enough to elect our officials? may be freedom and democracy are overrated?

  3. Michae

    You must be joking to tell about eritrean greenhouse gas emission after all they have no any gas for the domestic use, ie for transportation and their discarded small factories left by Italians and the cottage factories left by the Ethiopian regime. People are suffering to cook their food, if they have any to eat. How the UN gives a chance for such mischievous leaders to seat with the blessed leaders, after all Eritrean leaders they don’t care about their people or their children then are you going to tell me that these will be worried for the rest of the world

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