Eritrea: Reasons Denmark Evaluating Eritrean Asylum-seekers

Copenhagen (HAN) August 15, 2014 – Humanitarian refugees and European security issues. The Danish minister explained clrearly that the many Eritrean asylum-seekers will not be granted asylum in Denmark until the evaluation has been completed.

Developments in the amount of crime committed by asylum seekers corresponds to the total number of asylum seekers: Last year, 1,800 people seeking asylum in Denmark were charged with a crime. That number is equal to 25 percent of the total number of asylum seekers and has more than doubled since 2007. The number seeking asylum has also increased, and at a faster rate than those that are getting in trouble with the law.

A spokesperson for Danish opposition party Dansk Folkeparti said that the rise in crime reveals that some asylum seekers come here specifically to exploit the system.

The Danish justice minister Karen has announced that she wants to look into the increasing number of asylum-seekers hailing from the east African country of Eritrea.

The police said that crimes committed by asylum seekers are most often shoplifting, pick-pocketing, receiving stolen property, forgery and violation of immigration laws. “Serious crimes are rare,” wrote the police.

Anne la Cour from the Red Cross, which operates the majority of the Danish asylum centres, said that despite police warnings about groups of Eritrean and others seeking asylum in order to commit crimes, they could not at this time confirm the existence of such gangs.

About view asylum centres around Denmark are now set to close, the main two primary reasons behind the move is that asylum applications are being processed much faster and more rejected asylum seekers have voluntarily left the country.

Last month Denmark experienced 510 asylum seekers from Eritrea, compared to an average of about ten per month during the first quarter of this year.

“We need to look into who the asylum-seekers from Eritrea are, why they are coming to Denmark, and whether they have legitimate protection needs,” Hækkerup said in a press release.

“If they don’t, they need to be sent back. I’ve noted that immigration services intends to send a mission to the area to evaluate the situation.”

Denmark isn’t the only nation to experience a spike in Eritrean asylum-seekers recently. Norway, the Netherlands and Germany have all experienced similar increases, and the Justice Ministry is in dialogue with the authorities in the three nations to glean their experiences.

Karen Hækkerup said that the percentage of asylum seekers committing crimes is actually falling, but that the government intends to continue putting pressure on “criminal punks”

Hækkerup has also established a work group tasked with looking into how border control areas and airports can be improved in terms of tackling human trafficking and illegal immigration.

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  1. idris

    Number one beggars in the world! what a shame. we claim that we have a “country”. What is the meaning of country if you can not work and prosper as a citizen? Somalians have sufficient reason to depend on other countries, what a hell is with eritreans? This is simply a bad culture of the people. To depend on others resources through lies and fabrications. What a stupidity?

  2. Habtom

    You must have not experienced any kind of hardship. Eritreans have never been beggars. They are known for their hard work and loyalty. You Iddris need to ask about Eritreans for people living every where.

    To let you know no body leaves his/her beloved home land and people for nothing.

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