Eritrea: President to close the gap between rich and poor

Asmara (HAN) January 2, 2015 – Public diplomacy and Regional Security and Humanitarian news.  According to Samuel Gebre of bloomberg, Eritrean Leader is drafting a new constitution that will tackle inequality and satisfy the demands of the Horn of Africa nation’s people, President Isaias Afwerki said.

Eritrean President, Afwerki “Concentration camps of Israel” 


A committee has begun work on the charter which seeks to close the gap between Eritrea’s rich and poor, Afwerki said in an interview broadcast yesterday on national television. He didn’t give any more details on what the constitution will include nor did he specify when it will be completed.

“The essence of this task is not to focus on satisfying external desires but to live up to the expectation of generations for which an immense sacrifice has been paid,” Afwerki said.

The 68-year-old president, a former rebel leader, has ruled Eritrea since it gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993. The country has no privately-owned press and the government has arbitrarily detained thousands of people including opposition supporters and journalists over the past decade, according to Amnesty International, the London-based advocacy group.

A United Nations rights envoy in June said arbitrary arrests and indefinite service in Eritrea’s army are among factors spurring thousands of people to leave the country each month.

The envoy’s comments came shortly after a group of Eritrean Catholic bishops said the nation’s youth is fleeing to:

“peaceful countries, to countries of justice, of work, where one can express oneself openly.”

Afwerki described the large-scale migration of Eritrea’s youth as a “declared war” and said they were being lured by “empty promises” of a better life abroad. He didn’t give more details.

In November, Eritrea’s foreign ministry said migration was being “immensely augmented in recent years by deliberate policies of certain governments and agencies who chose to encourage, for sinister political purposes, the youth to defect” from the army. It accused the UN Refugee Agency of being an “unwitting catalyst in bolstering the pull factors” for migration by categorizing all Eritrean migrants as asylum-seekers. Source: Paul Richardson in Nairobi at


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4 Responses to “Eritrea: President to close the gap between rich and poor”

  1. Alem

    Here is another empty promise from a self appointed unelected cold blooded murderer. The only level field ISAYAS AFEWORKI capable of creating is by making our entire Eritrean society equally miserable, equally poor, equally destitute and equally living in hell on earth.

    Back in1997 our highly educated Eritreans poured their knowledge and sacrificed their time and energy to draft our constitution, which would be a foundation for our democracy and a shield to secure our freedom and dignity from getting abused and compromised by a despicable dictator . Unfortunately the drafters forgot to include in the constitution to give the dictator ISAYAS AFEWORKI (pol pot of Africa) unlimited power, full ownership of Eritrea and presidency for life. What happened after that is an open secret, he instigated and started war, and in the name of national security, he quashed our constitution, killed and jailed thousands of our innocent people and closed our beacon of light independent news papers.

    Article 41 – Election and Term of Office of the President
    1. The President shall be elected from amongst the members of
    the National Assembly by an absolute majority vote of its
    members. A candidate for the office of the President must be
    nominated by at least 20 percent vote of all the members of
    the National Assembly.

    2. The term of office of the President shall be five years, equal
    to the term of office of the National Assembly that elects him.

    3. No person shall be elected to hold the office of President for
    more than two terms. (According to this the decaying skunk ISAYAS AFEWORKI should be history by now)

    4. When the office of the President becomes vacant due to death
    or resignation of the incumbent or due to the reasons
    enumerated in Sub-Article 6 of this Article, the Chairperson
    of the National Assembly shall assume the office of the
    President. The Chairperson shall serve as acting President for
    not more than thirty days, pending the election of another
    President to serve the remaining term of his predecessor.

    5. The term of office of the person elected to serve as President
    under Sub-Article 4 of this Article shall not be considered as a
    full term for purposes of Sub-Article 3 of this Article.
    6. The President may be removed from office by two-thirds
    majority vote of all members of the National Assembly for
    the following reasons:
    a. violation of the Constitution or grave violation of the law;
    b. conducting himself in a manner which brings the authority
    or honor of the office of the President into ridicule,
    contempt and disrepute; and
    c. being incapable of performing the functions of his office
    by reason of physical or mental incapacity.

  2. Yemane

    What a joke this self proclaimed president of Eritrea. We had the worst enemy inside the struggle, now he still talking garabage. The funny thing this guy doesn’t get it is he is putting his family and himself in danger more and more everyday. People will come back and will kill you and your family for putting all this misery in our homeland. At the end of the day a dictator I bad for himself. Dictator Isayas at the end you will trap yourself my your actions, you have to watch every second who is coming after you because you hirted so many. The kids you put their parents in jail and killed them will come after you. All the evil you release in the country will come and hunt you down. The best thing you can do is implement the constitution that’s on the shelf and leave the country and the people alone. Maybe, maybe that might save you. No one is a fool here. We are all made by God, we know what you are doing, your are so off from the wishes and dreams of our forefathers we are starting to wonder if the devil has entered your body. You needs to rule yourselft from desires of power and illusions. Maybe then you can rule but time is up, you should retire and leave it to the young to decide how the country should be governed. Now not only is your people against you but the spirit of our forefathers will hunt you. They can enter your thoughts and disterb you till you leave our land..

  3. We the Redse afars seek cecession from Eritrea.Eritreanism is poveritism,militarism and under development,disease!

  4. Alem

    “Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”
    ― Robert F. Kennedy

    ISAYAS is a self appointed, unelected, a leader wannabe, criminal. We Eritreans have 24 years worth of proof that this criminal is good only and only for ONE thing. That is to manipulate, lie, murder, and torture to secure his position as a leader of the junta regime. (gangs of thieves). My dear Eritrean sisters and brothers if you had a chance to own a business, would you allow unqualified manager or a thief run your business for 24 years?……. how about if you were an owner of a sports team would you allow it, to be coached or managed by someone who does not have the know how or knowledge to run the team?…..Would you put up with a manager who is not good for the owner, the customer, the team (or business) or someone who refuses to abide by the leagues guidelines?…….how about if your team was going through a loosing streak because of failed coaching, a coach who couldn’t bring unity in the team, a coach who tries to micro manage every aspect of the team, a coach who failed to recruit talent, the answer is simple you fire the RASCAL and try to bring a talented coach and manager so you can bring good chemistry in your team or business and lay foundation for long term.

    ISAYAS AFEWORKI is that rascal, the failed coach, failed manager NOT good for our Eritrean people (the owners), NOT good for the team (our beautiful ERITREA), NOT good for the customers (outside investors) and does NOT know how to play or conduct business by the rule (isolated from the world)

    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea mot to the dictator.

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