Eritrea: President Requested an investigation on Human Trafficking

Khartoum (HAN) May 31, 2014 –  The Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki Requested an investigation on Human Trafficking, in effort to thwart human trafficking issue in the Horn of Africa. Regional political unrest has brought suffering not only to Egypt, Libya or Tunisia but also to hundreds of  Eritrean refugees. Their goal is Israel and Western Europe,  but many end up as hostages on the Sinai Peninsula and Libya desert.

What we know, what we don’t know, “Human trafficking is the fastest growing illegal industry in the world today and we know the U.S. Justice Dept. estimates there are 100,000 victims nationwide.”


According to  Yemane GebreMeskel,  a senior Eritrean delegation participated in the Regional Conference on Human Trafficking that was convened in Khartoum, Sudan  last week.

The human trafficking Conference brought together senior official from the region, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Egypt, as well as the Africa Union (AU), European Union (EU), UNHCR and the IOM.

Eritrea has put forth its perspectives and case against the culpable parties that have instigated or are involved in this sordid affair.

Eritrea also renewed the request made by President Isaias to the UN Secretary General to launch an independent investigation of this organized crime.


In America, a law that takes effect July 1 aims to help prosecutors crack down on human trafficking in Vermont, United States of America.

Chinese restaurant owner in America pleads not guilty to human trafficking charges.
Police say Golden Palace Buffet Owner Ming Chen illegally used men and women to staff his Outer Loop restaurant. According to the arrest report, the victims were working 12-hour shifts, six days a week with “little or no breaks, and limited freedoms.”


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5 Responses to “Eritrea: President Requested an investigation on Human Trafficking”

  1. Harnet

    The human trafficking is a serious issues raised by many Eritreans and some humanitarian organisations. Mostly Eritrean are faced to Human traffickers from 2006 have raised the suffering of the victims and many of them lost their lives, some women have been rape victim and have children from the perpetrators. Some became physical disable either tortured, burnt their bodies, psychological and mentally deterioration happened to the victims. Therefore, the Eritrean government officials in this criminal activities especially Colonel Tekle Manjus is the master mind of this criminal activity. The Eritrean Government has paid either no attention or involved in this illegal, inhumane and outrage upon his people. So first and foremost the investigation should start in the high ranked Eritrean officials including the president.

  2. Stefanos Temolso

    The Eritrean regime is involved in the business through general tekle manjus. Eritreans are very expensive Creatures once they are at the border. The regime is cash straffed so it sells its own Citizens because if it did not do so, they will get out of the country without it profiting from the operation. Hostage Money was paid inside Asmara to military officers. The military is the sole Group that get paid for taking Eritreans out of the country and again for the hostages. This is like killing two birds With one stone. Double profit.

  3. saba

    Well said Harnet. Who believe in this Conference when who sells the people is the organize of the Conference? If they want to interrupt the traffic it needs to resolve the cause that people make to escape from Eritrea as the “slavery’s service”, free elections, multiparty system . Now is enough to recite!

  4. saba

    Why they waited for so long to make even the double-faced conference?

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