Eritrea: President Putin's strategy to Protect Eritrean borders

Asmara (HAN) November 24, 2014 – Public diplomacy and Regional Security and safety news. An Extra ordinary Ambassador Petros presents credentials to President Vladimir Putin of Russian federation. It will empower President Putin’s strategy to Protect Eritrean borders in the Horn of Africa.

Ambassador Petros Tsegai, a hardliner Orthodox Christian,  who has been extra-ordinarily  appointed by Isyas Afwerki as  Eritrea’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation, has presented his official credentials to President Vladimir Putin, to rebuilt Eritrean strategy in the Horn of Africa.

During the presentation ceremony in the Kremlin, the Eritrean Ambassador conveyed President Isaias Afwerki’s greetings and message of goodwill to President Putin and the Russian people, and asserted readiness to strive for enhancing the prevailing ties between the two countries in a spirit of partnership.

The Russian leader on his part noted that Eritrean and Russia share similar views as regards regional and international issues. Putin further voiced Russia’s readiness to strengthen the existing relations in strategic trade, built military capability of Eritrean people  and economic development to create one of the Russian  navy fleet in Red Sea to protect Russian interest in the region.

Thus, President Putin wished Ambassador Petros successful tour of duty.


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3 Responses to “Eritrea: President Putin's strategy to Protect Eritrean borders”

  1. nathan

    Since when did the Eritrean govt start entertaining religious hardliners in such level of deplomatic mission? Thought the govt was against religious fanatics. I doubt though if the eritrean govt would play these cards well. At a time when the whole world is condemning russian aggressive military actions against Ukraine, Eritrea’s attempts to provide naval base for russia might blow in its face, given the fact the Americans are already based in Djibouti might create an ugly tension and more political isolation of eritrea by the west.

  2. solomon

    Isias Afewerki the worest dicator in the world.
    Brutal Isias always needs friends like him to torch and kill innocent people ,and for war


  3. Abraham

    Everybody with a kind of education knows the real deal behind the ukraine crisis.
    And if you guys are not educated by the mass media and listen to more than one site,
    you should/would know better.
    So i feel sorry for those who let others feet you like a new born instead of self-research like a grown.

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