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Eritrea: President Isaias' motivation to the Youth Festival in Sawa

Asmara (HAN) July 20, 2014 – Youth, Sports and community news. Participants of the 6th Youth Festival from inside Eritrea and Diaspora who demonstrated excellence in creative work contests and academy respectively received Soira and Sawa Awards from President Isaias Afwerki.

Speaking at the handing ceremony yesterday, Ms. Yasmin Tesfalidet from the NUEYS headquarters office pointed out that the Soira awardees are exemplary youths you managed to link theoretical and practical knowledge targeting creative works that would benefit the society, while those who won Sawa Award comprise a total of 150 youth nationals that are successful in their academic pursuits.

The creative works, the projects of which were handled at individual and group level, pertain to agricultural, military and other activities. The awards include monetary rewards up to 100,000 per individual.


Meanwhile, President Isaias Afewerki inaugurated a bazaar exhibition being staged as part of the activities of the 6th National Youth Festival in Sawa. The event witnessed cultural performances by Wari Cultural Troupe.

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki’s Speech and National Service Military Parade

The Eritrean Commander of Sawa Vocational Training Centre, Col. Debesai Gide, pointed out that preparations for the 6th National Youth Festival jointly undertaken by the Vocational Training Center and the NUEYS every two years have been finalized.

Eritrean Col. Debesai also stated that commendable efforts are being exerted, patricianly as regards the hosting of the Festival participants, and ensuring the necessary facilities have been put in place, in addition to the renovation of Haikota-Sawa and Agordat – Sawa road.

Likewise, Mr. Azazi Bereketeab, Chairman of the Coordinating Committee for the Festival, stated that a total of 4,500 youths who would take part in the event from the six Administrative regions and around 3,000 youths residing abroad would participate in the event.

Mr. Azazi further explained that the staging of cultural performances and pictorial exhibition depicting the Eritrean cultural values, as well as the prevailing harmony of the Eritrean people would feature in the course of the Festival. Moreover, the graduation ceremony of the 27th round of the National Service would add color to the Festival programs, he added.
The exhibition comprises corners depicting the role and contribution of youths in the nation-building process, as well as their diverse creativity potentials and Struggle Camp, besides a pictorial and Information Technology exhibition, among others.

The President made a tour of the camp accompanied by Ministers, regional Administrators, Army Commanders and government,as well as PFDJ officials. He also made comments, in addition to words of motivation to the youth organizers.


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  1. Alem

    I think Isayas is the worst speaker, he sounds as if he got socks in his mouth. I wonder if he got his socks in his mouth….he does not wear them on his feet.
    (I loved the way my amchea friend described Isayas the tyrant…….”GEMED AF” “CHIKA AF”)

  2. Alem

    Is Isayases bush on his upper lips is it real or some kind of rug?. I do love the Koberta or Kasha he got on his shoulder though. It is very very stylish. I cant wait to see him on GQ magazine under the title of “Stylish tyrant” or “Tyrant under the blanket”

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