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Eritrea: President Isaias Afwerki Rejects UN Report on Eritrea

Asmara (HAN) June 30, 2014 – Presidential Press Release – Eritrean Leader rejects Alleged Destabilization Role in Eritrea, according to a note sent to Geeska Afrika Online mentioned that, his government has refused to cooperate with Keetharuth and denies it has committed any human rights violations in Eritrea.
The UN report of the Special Rapporteur on Eritrea is full of baseless allegations and unsubstantiated claims. Even though the Rapporteur presents them as “refugees” “victim” or “witness” the information contained in the report is gathered from faceless and nameless individuals residing in Ethiopia and Djibouti.

According to Presidential Press Statesmen, “”Their testimonies are systematically coached by the Ethiopian and Djiboutian military and security institutions. In these circumstances, one can never expect these individuals to give the Rapporteur information that will disappoint their Ethiopian and Djiboutian handlers and jeopardise their chances of being resettled in Europe, America or Australia. Therefore, hostages and individuals with conflicts of interest can never be taken and should never be presented as witnesses.””

Eritrean diplomat at the meeting said Keetharuth’s report was “biased and unfounded” and Eritrea “totally rejected” the call to set up an inquiry.
The Eritrean diplomat said the fabricated image of Eritrea had become the basis of a “fake crisis” and laid the blame on its neighbour Ethiopia.

“While it is to be noted that Eritrea has become a target of U.S. hostilities, it has become apparent that this draft resolution is also part of Ethiopia’s strenuous effort to maintain the U.N. sanction imposed on Eritrea,” he said.

Leaked diplomatic documents sent by Ethiopian diplomats to its European and North American embassies had stressed the need to lobby for members of the Human Rights Council to put more pressure on Eritrea, he said.
The U.N. Human Rights Council agreed on Friday to set up a year-long inquiry into human rights in Eritrea, similar to previous high-level investigations into Syria, North Korea and Sri Lanka.

It condemned what it said were “widespread and systematic” violations by Eritrea’s government, from arbitrary executions to restrictions on religion, detention of journalists and a shoot-to-kill policy for citizens trying to cross the border.

“The human rights crisis in Eritrea has been forgotten for too long and the scale of the violations is unparalleled, putting the country amongst the worst human rights situations worldwide,” said Ambassador Yusuf Mohamed Ismail of Somalia, which had initiated the call for an inquiry.

The 47-state forum decided to set up the inquiry without a vote, but China, Pakistan, Venezuela and Russia indicated that they had reservations but did not try to block the inquiry.


Photo,VOA’S Peter Clottey interviewing Eritrea President Isaias Afewerki

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4 Responses to “Eritrea: President Isaias Afwerki Rejects UN Report on Eritrea”

  1. Alem

    “The 47-state forum decided to set up the inquiry without a vote, but China, Pakistan, Venezuela and Russia indicated that they had reservations but did not try to block the inquiry.”
    47 of the peace loving nations knew better and decided to setup an inquiry on human right abuse in Eritrea and of course the ones with the worst human right records China, Pakistan, Venezuela and Russia amazingly they have reservations but they will not block it. It is shame the dictator ISAYAS AFEWORKI finally he is loosing the support of his best bodies. Cuba ,North Korea,Zimbabwe decided to abandon him and of course his best body Mohamed Gadhafi is dead.
    We Eritreans hope that finally the peace loving members of the world community come to their senses and
    1- Revoke all travel privileges of the unelected dictator ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his criminal thugs.
    2- Freeze all stolen funds stashed all over the world by the dictator and his criminal thugs from Eritrea and Eritrean people.
    3- Close the Embassies of the Dictator (which does not represent Eritreans) and used as instrument of intimidation and collecting illegal 2% tax.

  2. what will be the next step do the UNHRC If I assayas not allowed access in to the country? any one can with international law can tell me? pls?

  3. Seferaw Baynor

    What a shame, the Dictator is still trying to cover it up. Who does he think was there to testify? How can we, the people inside Eritrea testify against the dictator when we are being detained, tortured and killed for the last 16 or so years. What is the reason for the Lampadusa Victims, and those vanishing in the Sinai……….Why are thousands of people including children and elderly detained and tortured. …….
    I am glad the International Community has begun acting……..

  4. Alem

    My dear brothers the tyrant (ISAYAS) and his stogies are getting ready to celebrate in BOLOGNA do what you can I know it is a little bit late but act now.

    The blood of our brothers and sisters in Lampadusa is still wet. Here is the e-mail I sent to the city of Bologna city council members to stop the dictator and his thugs from celebrating in BOLOGNA.
    E-mail of Bologna city council officials
    If you need more information go to

    Dear Madam or Sir, the dictatorial regime of Eritrea is getting ready to hold a huge festival in your city of Bologna, for the sole purpose of collecting money for the regime. Please do not allow your good city to be associated with a ruthless dictator and murderer ISAYAS AFEWORKI. He is the reason why you are receiving thousands of our Eritrean migrants including those in Lampadusa, running away from slavery tyranny and hopelessness. Eritrea under ISAYAS ruthless leadership became huge prison and a concentration camp, thousands of our bright men and women are behind prison bars and thousands of our kids are growing without their fathers and mothers. He converted our country into Stone Age society. He is as worst as Hitler, pol pot and Kim-Jung of North Korea.
    I beg you not to associate your beautiful city with this tyrant.
    Thank you

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