Eritrea: President Isaias Afewerki's 2014 State of the Nation Address

Asmara (HAN) June 4, 2014. Executive Press Release, Presidential palace. The Eritrea’s president, Isaias Afewerki, celebrated his government’s achievements in his 23rd State of the Nation address. How did  President Isaias is fare?  We need your fraternal comments after you read the State of the Nation Speech.

This was President Isaias Afewerki’s 23rd State of the Nation address and the last of his current term, according to regional diplomatic Sources. You can read his full speech here from his Official Press Release Statement sent directly to the desk of editorial board of Geeska Afrika Online.


Statement by President Isaias Afewerki’s 2014 State of the Nation Address: 

The independence and sovereignty of peoples have their own distinct attributes and peculiarities. In the same token, the independence and sovereignty of the people of Eritrea has its own special flavour and significance. All the peoples of Africa possess their own distinct history, for which they take pride. But all the countries presently recognized as sovereign political entities took shape at the end of the 19th century with the advent and expansion of European colonialism.

Eritrea was seen as a gateway in the colonial scramble in northeast Africa.  The independence and sovereignty of the people of Eritrea has its own special flavour and significance. President Isaias Afewerki

In this context and for the geo-strategic exigencies of the time, Eritrea was seen as a gateway in the colonial scramble in northeast Africa. Hence it became one of the first countries that were constituted under colonial rule. It underwent a rapid socio-economic transformation until the eruption of the Second World War in the context of the prevailing schemes of colonial expansion. The history of Eritrean resistance to colonialism within the milieu of this imposed process of transformation is a narrative of civilized heroism that evokes national pride.

The geo-strategic place and importance of Eritrea and its people did not alter after the end of the Second World War in spite of profound changes in the global order. The new global order characterized by the “Cold War” should have recognized the independence and sovereignty of the Eritrean people. But they opted to put Eritrea under “protection” in order to imbue justification and pave the way for the sinister plot that they had in mind. Indeed, this was later revealed in the explicit pronouncement: “that independent Eritrea would not serve our global strategic interests.’

In the short period of “British Protection,” even the infrastructure that was essentially built to enhance colonial rule was willfully destroyed. The various political subterfuges that were conceived to obliterate Eritrean national identity are indeed fresh in our collective memories. The resistance that the people of Eritrea waged in those times was, as ever, characterized by inspiring heroism.

The new modus operandi of predatory domination during the era of the “Cold War” was not through direct colonial rule as in the preceding times. This was now carried out through proxies. The US, which was one of the superpowers in that era, thus ensured the annexation of Eritrea through surrogates who were at its beck and call in order to advance its international and regional strategies of dominance and monopoly. The crimes perpetrated to stifle through brute military force the expressed wishes of the Eritrean people for independence is too fresh in our memories to merit elaboration. The former Soviet Union too joined the fray and extended succour to the military offensives that were unleashed in the latter decades. The resistance and struggle that the Eritrean people waged during the Cold War, at the time of colonial expansion through local surrogates, was unparalleled constituting the climax of its history of struggle, heroism and national pride.

The independence that the people of Eritrea achieved in 1991 and whose 23rd Anniversary we are celebrating is but the history of the relentless struggle; of challenges and resistance for almost 100 years; against successive colonial rulers and their puppets. That is why the tone and flavour of our independence celebrations assume particular significance and are sources of immense national pride.

In the past 23 years too, and in spite of end of the Cold War and unfolding dynamic global changes, the defunct dream of domination and hegemony of the United States which pretends to be the “sole super power” has not been altered. At a time when the Eritrean people had barely attained respite with the independence of the country and embarked on nation building with earnest, new machinations were woven to foment conflict and crises in order to stifle nascent stability and economic growth and to hold them hostage. As a consequence, “conflict on territorial waters with Yemen” followed by “border conflict in Badme” were set in motion. When these two events were settled through arbitral processes, “the border dispute with Djibouti” was concocted. All these subterfuges did not mollify the appetite of those bent on domination and monopoly.

In order to prevent the Eritrean people from seeking justice and resisting the occupation of its sovereign lands and to silence its voice, a sanctions resolution was passed in 2009 under the umbrella of the UN Security Council. This was another manifestation in the chain of predatory and unwarranted hostility. This is in addition to intense and unremitting acts of subversion comprising of military, political, diplomatic, economic as well as human-trafficking ploys that are accompanied by psychological warfare. The central aim of these concerted hostile acts is to weaken all the endowments of the Eritrean people and vanquish its resistance.

The resistance of the Eritrean people has not succumbed to these machinations in the face of the declared war for almost 20 years now. On the contrary, it has been consolidated and reinforced. Indeed, all these machinations have increasingly been exposed and are dissipating with time. This has, in turn, induced further frustration in the architects of adversity and hostility. The frantic vilification campaigns that are woven daily and the vain sabre rattling epitomize these frustrations. The heroic and emboldening resistance the Eritrea people have carried out in the last twenty years is thus part and parcel of 100 years of history of unparalleled resilience and resolve.

Against this backdrop of the history of resistance of the Eritrean people for liberation, dignity and sovereignty, we have strived, in the past twenty years, to pursue the task of nation building within the desired framework and identified priorities without being derailed or becoming hostage to all the hostilities and provocations and without slacking our efforts for the liberation of our sovereign territories.

The real meaning of liberation and independence is its translation to sustainable progress and the improvement in the quality of life and people’s living standards. This can only be secured through relentless developmental endeavours. Hence, the priority of our priorities is to lay robust foundations for the rehabilitation and growth of the devastated economy. This does not, and should not, constitute of white-elephant or pompous projects that are implemented for propaganda or public relation stints.

The serious developmental projects and programmes we pursue must ensure sustainable growth. They must be characterized by extensive and equitable spatial outreach; and, uphold citizenship equality rights while not creating imbalances of access and opportunity. The pillars of this developmental drive are agriculture, manufacturing and services. That the progress we have achieved in laying the robust foundations for a sustainable economic order is substantial and that it is growing, sector by sector, with time in terms of quantity, quality and capacity can be gauged easily by the facts on the ground. That its pace and momentum will increase is also evident. Indeed, this is why we are witnessing a surge in frantic hostilities in a futile bid to stem its progress.

The enhancement of human capital is decisive, in addition to other endowments, for ensuring sustainable developmental growth. In this context, it is imperative to strengthen and bolster slackening discipline as well as educational and professional training to ensure the requisite acquisition of knowledge, technical expertise and work experiences. This is an urgent and timely task that requires focused attention.

Within the framework of our tasks of nation building, the political infrastructure assumes a vital role as a vehicle to advance our overall objectives. We have gleaned important lessons and experiences from the hostile external schemes aimed at derailing our nation-building endeavours and processes. A constitution drafting process will be launched in order to chart out the political road map for the future governmental structure.

I would like to express my deep appreciation for the Eritrean people who made independence a reality through relentless struggle, sacrifice, and by overcoming all hurdles; to the people of Eritrea who are now engaged in the nation-building process day and night in a spirit of patriotic devotion to the homeland; including mothers who are immersed in hard developmental work while carrying their infants on their backs,; and to the members of the Defense Forces.

Glory to our Martyrs! Victory to the Masses!

By H.E. Isaias Afewerki 
President of Eritrea.

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5 Responses to “Eritrea: President Isaias Afewerki's 2014 State of the Nation Address”


    That tells us true Eritreans you know nothing about the state of the nations, economy, etc. But regurgitate what you hear. Your one of haters that contributed to these lies propagated by the west. Eritreas future is bright. President Isaias Afwerki is the best leader on the planet, and one of the best in history PERIOD.

    1. Alem

      Here is my previous reply to my sweat but confused Eritrean sister Rahwa. I felt it apply to you too.
      Dear Rhwa I can tell, you love our Eritrea like most of us do. you would love to see our country prosper and compete with the rest of the world in every sector. You would love the tide of migration of our people reverse and Eritreans going back home to build our beloved country. you would love to see the basic human rights of our people respected, our tens of thousands of political prisoners freed and participate in building our beloved country. you would love to see our single university reopened and more university built. Unfortunately my sister the current regime is incapable of doing that. We have unelected government, with no law of the land (to govern us) and failed policies in every sector. Let alone restoring our country in whole they couldn’t even restore reliable electricity and fresh water in our cities. Listen to any of Isayas embarrassing interviews with a foreign media and it clearly shows how clueless he is,let alone to lead a country he cant lead a family. He is a tyrant willing to do anything including murder to stay in power. Look thousands our youngsters are abandoning our country running away from slavery and hopelessness to seek for better life. We have around twenty thousand political prisoners in jail it is NOT because they are wrong but because they have different ideas (different than the dictator). Our single university is chained locked and all our sectors are dysfunctional. My sister Rahwa if this criminals were not in power our Eritrea would prosper, we would have a better relationship with the rest of the world, we would compete in science and technology and sport (we might have our soccer team in Brazil) with the world. Don’t get it wrong not settling our border issue with Ethiopia shouldn’t give a reason to ISAYAS and his criminal thugs to enslave our people in the name of AGELGLOT for ever, not having a functioning elected government. It Is our enemies desire to see a failed dysfunctional Eritrea and that is exactly Isayas (pol pot of Africa) created, a stone age Eritrea. Eritreans we are smart and hard working people lets stop pampering this criminals and get rid of this regime and lets rebuild our country. I DONT HAVE TO HAVE A PERMISSION OR GOOD WILL OF MY NEIGHBOUR FOR ME TO TREAT MY LOVELY WIFE AND MY KIDS WITH RESPECT AND CARE SO THEY DO WELL IN LIFE IT IS OUR CHOICE. you cant build Eritrea by destroying Eritreans and neither the world community nor our neighbors will respect us till we learn t take care of our own. please read “Animal Farm” by George Orwell.

  2. Harnet Fsum

    Isayas, worst than Hitler cannot claim that he is innocent from the crisis Eritrea is in, in the last 23 years. He created them all and he and his supporters will be held accountable. How ever his days off corruption and killing will soon be over by the power of change. We can assure him and his chifra that we will keep them in much better resting place to wetness what Eritreans can do to rebuild their beloved country in a very short time before they are brought to justice to tell the truth about his achievements in his distractive reign.
    Isaias you cannot continue deceiving the peace loving people of Eritrea for ever. Your days are over.
    We will raise the sprit of our martyrs for ever.
    Isaias and his supporters will be brought to justice


      Worst than HITLER? You people are really brain damaged, is this what so much hate for a person does? You haters are DEAF, BLIND, AND DUMB to what is going on in this world let alone Eritrea. How will you raise the spirit of our martyrs? I think it is you Ethiopian who are pretending to be Eritreans, you sellouts/traitors, and brainwashed individuals that will pay for your crimes. All of You will be brought to justice. Eritrea is excelling in many areas, and the proof is there on the ground, and this is within a short time against all hostility and odds. WE TRUE ERITREANS WILL PREVAIL.

      Awet ne hafash(victory to the masses)

  3. Alem

    Look at that picture it should be under the title of “murderer on display”. Here is an essay written by an outstanding writer about pol pot and it sounds a mirror image to this maniac Isayas AFEWORKI. Here it is
    Frances Asanuma
    Professor Nathan Stewart
    ENG 111-41H
    30 June 2012

    Cambodia’s Year Zero by our Brother Number One: Pol Pot
    Looking back to the early 1970’s many Cambodian lives had no significance to the great Communist nation, and they were told, “To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss.” In northern Cambodia remain the victims of one of the worst mass murderers in the world history. Saloth Sar, better known as Pol Pot, was a Cambodian Maoist revolutionary who led the Khmer Rouge and became the leader of Cambodia on April 17, 1975. Pol Pot was randomly selected as one of the first hundred Cambodian students to study in France. What did set him apart was joining the French communist party, which gave him instant high status among the local communist when he returned home. He had a vision to restore his country’s noble heritage by cleansing Cambodia of all modern influences and creating a pure communist Cambodian society. He believed that the outside influences are destroying Cambodia. Pol Pot then spent years fighting enemies and rising to the top with purge after purge. The combined effects of evacuating villages, forced labor and malnutrition, and executions resulted in the deaths of two million of the Cambodian population during his leadership. As a result, Pol Pot turned against his own Cambodian people and made his country a hell on earth. First of all, Pol Pot first decision was to cut the capital off from contact of outside supply and effectively put the city of Phnom Penh under siege. The Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot’s followers, went to evacuate the entire city. Houses were emptied, the high class citizens left the city, and even the sick people at the hospital were forced to leave.

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