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Eritrea: Plights "Due to Threats from long-standing Enemy Ethiopia"

Nairobi (HAN) June 23, 2015 – Regional Security strategy News. Intelligence Update. Eritrea has defended its controversial policy of decades-long national service from which about 5,000 people flee each month, saying it has “no other choice” due to threats from long-standing enemy Ethiopia.

“is effectively denying the Eritrean people the right to defend themselves in an existential crisis against a foe 15-20 times their total population size”, said a foreign ministry statement

According to AFP reports: Eritrea, which broke away from Ethiopia in 1991 after a brutal 30-year independence struggle, remains in a tense standoff with Addis Ababa after a 1998-2000 border war. Troops still eyeball each other along the frontier, with Ethiopian soldiers defying an international ruling to leave Eritrean land.

“By law national service is only required for 18 months,” Eritrea’s ministry of foreign affairs said.

“However, due to Ethiopia’s refusal to abide by a final and binding ruling, and the international community’s continued indifference to this deliberate (flouting) of international law by Ethiopia, the government of Eritrea had been left with no other choice but to rely on its population to defend its independence and sovereignty.”

Eritrea, which denied investigators entry to the country, also criticised the evidence as “emanating from self-described “human rights activists” with an “openly declared regime-change agenda”. It also rejected accusations its leadership could be guilty of possible war crimes.

“There is no evidentiary support for the claim,” Asmara said.

sources: AFP

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3 Responses to “Eritrea: Plights "Due to Threats from long-standing Enemy Ethiopia"”

  1. Tewelde

    It is very simple and very clear. The government in Eritrea has become dictatorial and police state. The national service though declared for 18 months, it has been open ended since 1998 without declaration. The Constitution has been killed since its inception. The General assembly the highest legal body of the nation has been defused. Thousands are imprisoned and tortured without rule of law by the single ruling/political party and the military mobilized by the same party PFDJ. They can deny and shout but the truth can not hide.
    On the other side the Super power doesn’t like the regime in Eritrea, yes of course who does like dictators and human right violators? The people love and die for Eritrea but the current regime is not the representative of the people, they are self elected, merciless, oppresors of their own people! period let them go out!!!

  2. axmed

    War Criminals ? indeed they are. Do they mobilize The Hamasen and some Akaleguzay members of the community of course .Is regime change the only alternative to end this continuos reign of tyranny ? what else? can this psycho run Torture Gulag be reformed absolutely no!

    Regime change is a must with help of Dgibouti ,Ethiopia,and the united states of America. Ask yourself Why not ? We should even consider federation with Djibouti ?

  3. axmed

    The tyrant with PTSD is more dangerous than a regular person with mental condition and no power of life or death over a nation. This buffoon is worse than Kim jung Un of North Korea or the dead Baby doc and his father of Haiti. Under this regime groups of ethnicities are targeted for elimination mostly non Hamasen and Akaleguzay.He kills and jails these people today the rest of us will follow the same fate.
    I think ,confederation with the NEW Ethiopia of today or withDjibouti is the only way for Eritrea that is peaceful with itself and it’s neighbors .

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