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Eritrea: PFDJ Resistance against external conspiracies

Kampala (HAN) October 8, 2014. Public diplomacy and National security news. Eritrean diaspora in Kampala city, Uganda, have asserted readiness to mount staunch resistance against external conspiracies on the basis of higher organizational capacity. They made the pledge at a meeting with Mohammed Suleman, the Eritrean Ambassador to Uganda.


Speaking at the meeting, the Eritrean ambassador gave briefings focusing on the objective situation in the Homeland towards regional security and international developments, as well as Eritrea’s engagement on the diplomatic and partnership fronts. He further underlined the need to exert more endeavors as regards strengthening community organization.

Commending the pace of national development programs being implemented in Eritrea, the diaspora participants in the meeting expressed readiness to enhance role in State affairs.

Meanwhile, Yemane Gebreab, Head of PFDJ Political Affairs, said that the Eritrean national identity and advanced social justice had developed into solid power, and that the Eritrean youth living inside the country and abroad should develop mode of resistance to foil the external conspiracies that are targeting especially the youth.

At the meeting in Asmara being conducted under the theme “United Stride for Strong Organization”,  Yemane gave extensive briefing with regards the current political situation in the Homeland, and that the external conspiracies aimed at discouraging the strong Eritrean free political path is being thwarted by the staunch resistance of the Eritrean people. Yemane Gebreab, also indicated that the PFDJ is exerting efforts to solidify its organizational capacity and political power making the youth its center stage.


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3 Responses to “Eritrea: PFDJ Resistance against external conspiracies”

  1. Alem

    Most of the people and governments in the world do not know much about Eritrea and do not really care about it either. One of the few of the things they know about Eritrea is, the thousands of youngsters fleeing from the country daily and the root cause of it, which is the unparalleled oppression , the modern day slavery and the detention with out due process exerted on the people by the criminal junta of ISAYAS AFEWORKI.
    With the right democratic government in place our Eritrea could make an impact in the world economy, our athletes would make a name for them selves and for their country and definitely our intellectuals would contribute tremendously in the fields of science and math.
    Unfortunately we have a tyrant who hates education and educated people, who is easily intimidated by education and knowledge just like pol pot, he does not thrust intellectuals. He shut down the only university we had, he fired or jailed almost all the educators and assigned one of his clowns Semere Rusom as minster of education. (God knows if he is a drop out or graduate).
    The dictator regime of ISAYAS AFEWORKI is falling apart not because of external conspiracies but because of the failed policies of the tyrant and finally even the so called supporters are rejecting the 2% extortion and the coffers of the criminal is drying up. When your trusted financial agent run away with 5 million illegally collected extortion money and when you throw away the manager of commercial bank Yamane Tesfai, and when you kill your energy and mining minister Mr. Ahmed Haj Ali and when your diplomacy with the Russians get rebuffed it is a clear indication the tyrant is on his last ropes.
    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea
    Smerrrrrr wedi hager.
    For your entertainment pls read Aguma B Yadessa comments in ……..I believe it is in English.

  2. Solomon Jr Haile

    @Hassan Ahmed – abu Hassan, you should have said this to her. She is the one who was trying to silence other people’s amount. You need to read her opinion carefully- you will soon understand her motive, unless your maximal reading ability is less than 4th graders.

  3. Alem

    The following was my reply For ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his criminal puppets despicable lies under the title of. (YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO REPOST IT)
    That is exactly what I did and what I saw really really stinks.
    I saw innocent people terrorized by unelected terrorist junta.
    I saw cities without basic services like water and electricity.
    I saw people got to the point, where they cant even thrust their own shadow.
    I saw infrastructure falling apart due to lack of basic repairs.
    I saw a country without constitution.
    I saw a country without elected officials.
    I saw people with out basic human rights.
    I saw a country with a chained locked down university but several over crowded prisons.
    I saw people lined up to buy a loaf of bread.
    I saw a country completely disconnected from the rest of the world.
    I saw a country back pedaling at a faster pace towards stone age.
    I saw a country ruled by a decree from the dictator ISAYAS office.
    I saw youngsters hauling stones, back and forth for no purpose what so ever. (Agelglot)
    I saw a country with your chance of throwing into jail, for no good reason at all at 99%.
    I saw a country which safe guards thousand of its intellectuals, in prison cells.
    I saw unelected criminal ISAYAS AFEWORKI making speech on TV with a 7th grader mental capacity.
    Finally I decided to rush back to freedom and democracy and civilization, but before I get on my flight I wept in the bathroom and I wrote “I am sorry my people” for being silent and I promised to do all I can to fight tyranny, dictatorship, murder, theft and terror on behalf of our beautiful Eritrean people. I prayed to God so we see ISAYAS and his criminal gangs hanging upside down like Mussolini in the city center.

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