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Eritrea : The Newly elected Managing Directors

Barentu (HAN) 27 August, 2017 – Public Diplomacy & Regional Elections for peace & Security. The residents of the Eritrean administrative areas of Kulentebai, Wakai, , Girmaika,Fedadab and Forto semi-urban center, Forto sub-zone, elected Zonal area administrators and managing directors.

Congratulating the newly elected area administrators and managing directors, Mr. Abubeker Mahumd, administrator of the sub-zone, indicated that similar elections will be held soon in the remaining administrative areas of Aliet, Ribda, Adibara and Homib.

The newly elected on their part expressed conviction to live up to expectations of the people that elected them.

In the same vein, the residents of the Forto semi-urban center are undertaking water and soil conservation popular campaign.

Pic: Andiministrative Elections Held in Eritrea




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