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Eritrea: New Israeli Gov't Proposal Targets Eritreans

Tel Aviv (HAN) November 27, 2014 – Horn of Africa Security Briefing Tracker for Regional safety news. A new Israeli government proposal targeting employers of Eritreans and Sudanese is being criticized as the latest move aimed at squeezing tens of thousands of african asylum seekers out of the country.


See videos of CCTV’S Stephanie Freid reports

Sources: CCTV’S Stephanie Freid reports


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One response to “Eritrea: New Israeli Gov't Proposal Targets Eritreans”

  1. Alem

    Time is way over due to depose the decomposing criminal ISAYAS AFEWORK and his criminal gangsters who forced you to this kind of inhumane treatment by reclaim our Eritrea. Instead of our fate getting decided by an Israeli government (which completely forgot their holocaust history) by a cannibalistic NAZI regime, lets shape and decide our future of our people and our country by taking over our country from the decaying murderer old man ISAYAS AFEWORKI and his criminal foot solders.
    OUR FATE and our future is on our hand and should NOT be decided by foreign government.
    Awetn selamn nhzbi Eritrea.
    Today is thanks giving day and I know most of us Eritreans does not seem we have anything to be thank full for, but lets be thank full for our heroic and heroin martyrs who gave their life for our freedom including our father Tewolde vaccaro , for our modern day tegadelti who are fighting relentlessly without getting tired and giving up.
    I am thank full for those Eritreans
    1-who are working very hard to unite our divided people so we overthrow the criminal tyrant.
    2-who are working very hard to chock the life lines of the criminal dictator ISAYAS AFEWORKI.
    3-Who are trying very hard to reach out and enlighten our armed services.
    4-who are working very hard to expose the lies and lies and lies of the criminal skunk ISAYAS.
    5- For our several medias and their production stuff for being the voice of freedom and change.
    6- For those who participate financially by contributing to our medias of freedom and change by realizing that, THEY CAN NOT FUNCTION WITH OUT OUR CONTRIBUTION.
    What are you thank full for?????????????

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