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Eritrea: New Airline Coming to Asamara

Asmara (HAN) October 26, 2015 –Public Diplomacy and Regional Security and stability Initiatives News. Fly Dubai will start regular flights between Asmara and Dubai as of October 25th this month.

In a speech delivered during the official inauguration of Fly Dubai, Mr. Paulos Kahsai, the Director General of the Eritrean Civil Aviation Authority in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, outlined the overall situation of air transport services in the country and the demand-supply gap in this particular segment.

Mr. Paulos stated that Fly Dubai flights will go a long way to meet this demand; address issues of competitive pricing and inconvenient flight hours; and, enhance overall connectivity.

Commending the good working relationship that Fly Dubai has already cultivated with the Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Paulos expressed the readiness of the Department to cooperate fully with the airline and facilitate its operations in the country.

The senior advisor to the Head of Commercial Affairs of Fly Dubai, Mr.  Sudhir Sridharan, on his part, pointed out that the launching of Fly Dubai flights between Asmara and Dubai will be vital in boosting trade and tourism interactions between the two sisterly countries.

Fly Dubai Airlines is scheduled to have four regular flights a week.

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